Maps For Ruins Of The Dragon Lord

Se Chris

Some time ago, some of you asked for downloadable pdf maps for ROTDL. They are here:
I was one of the guys asking for it (time and again). :oops:

I'm very happy, that the maps are available now. From me a big THANK YOU to you Chris.

It is greatly appriciated and I already downloaded 'em all :)

Mongoose simply rock at customer / product support.
Here I go again... :oops:

ROTDL OverMap seems to be cut short. The lower part of the map is missing. :(

All other maps seem to be okay! 8)
Cut is right about the Overland map, also there are two links to Map 20 on the website, but that is a minor issue :lol:

All maps are available and fully operational. That's great. Thanks, Chris!

But in my eyes, those maps are GM maps and are not suitable as Player Handouts. To much detail is given, especially due to the labeling of the maps.

Next question in order would be, are there some versions of these maps without the labeling (for example A2) so that they could be printed out and used as handouts for the PCs, without giving away subtle hints to the players?

Could / would the Mongoose provide those maybe or could someone make these (or has made these) and would be willing to share? Would that even be allowed, as there may be copyright issues when editing Mongoose Publishing's maps?