Maps for Conan


A nice set of A3 sized detailed maps of each of the Hyborian nations, Cities, Ruins and enivrons. Since even a radical re-write of the rules wouldn't change the maps it could be a good interim product to keep those annoying conan fans quiet while they are waiting for Conan 2.0 !

The product could contain a few extra 'generic' maps for adventuring purposes too, some hex/square mapping sheets. That would be nice, then throw in a nice meaty adventure to keep them busy with the product for a few months (a Journey along the Road of Kings should do the trick).

If such a product needed 'bulking out' then floorplans of assorted tombs, lost cities and drinking dens wouldn't come amiss either. Possibly an upgraded D.M. screen / player aid cards could finish off the ultimite 'Conan play aids pack'

But please no little counters !


Oh, and while we're at it how about a 'ultimate' character sheet or set of character sheets ? throwen in for good measure.


Here here Evil Trevor! Great idea. That's the kind of thinking the game needs.

I second the motion!

Strom - one of the "annoying conan fans" :lol:


Especially maps for those regional supplements that were notoriously map-less (Shem and Argos/Zingara).

That would be lovely thank you. Some good maps of Khorshemish (maybe some detail maps of the Scarlet Citadel) and Tarantia would go over big too...