Magnamund Studios web site up



I am pleased to announce the opening of the website today, that relates to Magnamund Studios and its Lone Wolf Online Project.

The Lone Wolf Online website will follow soon.

what will this consist of? What will the website be? What are you trying to make?
We have Joe Dever's license to use his Lone Wolf universe for the purpose of designing a Lone Wolf MMORPG. A more detailed press release will come soon on
I will certainly keep an eye on the website and wish you well with the product. As it is Lone Wolf even I may be interested once it's up and running. :)
As a big MMO fan (EQ,AO,SWG,CoH), I am both excited and skeptical at the same time. Other than seeing an MMO in the Wheel of Time universe, there is no other setting that I would like to see an MMO in more than Lone Wolf. I am really cheering for you guys and hoping you can pull it off.

My skeptisism is based on recent events in the MMO industry, mainly the cancelation of WarHammer Online and the bankruptcy of Horizon developer Artifact. For RPG fans who may not know much about MMO's, they are incredibly expensive to develop and launch. The developers of Warhammer Online figured it was gonna take up to 300 million dollars more to complete and launch their game which had already been in development for several years. The other problem is the incredible competition in this industry with second tier games like Everquest 2, World of Warcraft, and Middle-Earth Online ready to storm onto an already crowded stage, the stakes get bigger and bigger, with companies having to shell out more money to out develop their competitors, and the potential for loss is extreme. Of course if you have SOE or some other giant corp. backing you then I suppose no worries. I think its still possible for the little guys to succeed but the cards are sure stacked against them.

I hope you take special note of the success of City of Heroes. This game is simple aqnd the combat system is out of this world. Ill be watching this with interest and hope...good luck
Congratulations on the new website. It looks good, and has a dark medieval feel to it. I can't wait to see the Lone Wolf Online website.