Magnamund creations of your own.



Hey guys,

Lets hear some interesting creatures, events, classes or explainations of things that you've come up with on your own that fits in with the world of Lone Wolf. Magnamund is a big place. Lets hear your ideas about some things you've created.
some years ago ( more than a decade) i invented a storyline concerning dwarven smiths captured by the darklords

they had to invent weapons and fortresses

the campaign goal was to save the dwarves, who after all those years in the darklands became evil themselves and to destroy their most powerful invention

good old times
One area I would like to explore is a historical game set in the land of Taklakot.

To explore Shazaraks dealings there. Why did he leave the Isle of Lorn and break the ban of Ishir? How did he create the Sunstone by himself? My money is on him having some help from Agarash! Some faustian deal where Agarash would pour his power in to the artifice, but unkown to Shazarak the stone was fataly flawed.

Shazarak certainly seemed to think he was using Agarash throughout his later realm of terror. Unleashing the spawn of the damned on the Lissan plain and eventualy his deal to escape Grey Star. But if you look at all of these they further Agarash's plans much more.

It would be a great opportunity to oppose the might of a renagade Shianti master in a political setting where he cannot use his full force against the PCs for fear that he will be seen for what he is by the people of Taklakot. A game of Political intruige with Shazarak setting the organisations of Taklakot against each other to furthur his own dreams of power. It would also be great to play a game set in the final day whe the Sunstone fails and the land is destroyed. I've not RPGed in Magnamund before, but this will be high on my list of priorities once I get the game.