Macho d20 sites and spells

Finally got a copy of macho d20 of my own, and while I like it, is their any good macho d20 sites, updates out there with new information and new toys?

Also was thinking of building a spellcaster and was looking through the spells. I like the idea of the magic feats, but felt it annoying how you couldn't even do a flying broomstick with the basics. Any new magic feats for more mobility, and/or a quick conversion formula for more "classic" d20 spells would be most helpful.

Also was looking for a prestige magic class that wasn't a high priestess, infernal mistress or holy roller that fits the genre.
If you've read my posts, you'll know that I've just decided to use all the D&D stuff, and let the balance issues work themselves out. I do plan to change the druids so that they can cast spells spontaneously, as in the Favored Soul class in the Complete Divine.

The problem I see is that a D&D prestige class would "own" a D20 Modern advanced class, so I may have to consider changes for balance. I'll post things here as I work them out.

If you don't want to use D&D stuff, there is a D20 Modern Arcana book. I'm sure there's a lot there that can be used for a MWWG campaign. In fact, I'm sure anything can be used for a MWWG campaign.

My thoughts:

Since the Catholics have a Holy Roller advanced class, I'll need to make a Lutheran Biker Chick advanced class. Then I'll need one for the Calvinists and the Amish and I don't know how many others. I don't know if there is a place to post these creations; maybe I can send what I create into Signs and Portents.

In my campaign I've got druids everywhere (although as noted, I intend to use ideas from Complete Divine so that they cast spells spontaneously like the sorcerers do. Speaking of which, Sorcerer and Wizard are offered as advanced classes. I also think that Bards make sense.

I'm not sure what other kind of magic prestige classes to offer. I would like to do a psionic class, but the D&D psionics don't fit because they are too much just another way to be a sorcerer; maybe I can employ the Force Adept from the Star Wars game. I also have an idea for a Knight of True Faith, which would be more generic. The Deadlands D20 sourcebook has rules for a Huckster, which casts magic spells using playing cards; it makes sense that the secrets could be rediscovered in the MWWG world. There are about 500 versions of Shaman out there, but I always want to make my own.

The nice thing about d20 is that you can take things from one setting and very easily use them in another.
Gurps Magic is what I use for the witch class in MWWG.Also could be used with the Naughty Schoolgirls or the Librarian class.A couple of toy's for MWWG character's from adult Movie called G.I.R.L.S. from B.I.K.I.N.I. is the Ink Pen Rocket Launcher that launches a mini tac nuke missle that explodes in a small mushroom cloud.(Aim it and Push the Clicker button) and KABOOM. The other cool toy that was used was the(Dynamite Dildo) (a dildo made out of C-10 plastic explosive) connection to a blasting cap plunger button. Women would usually carry 2 of them. They way it works is MWWG inserts it all the way up inside a enemy girl and press the plunger which has a timer in the dildo. The other use for the device is that when the plunger button is pushed the Dynamite Dildo expands inside the woman's sex and is stuck there and can't be removed or the timer turned off or stopped in any shape-form-or fashion of any kind and then there's a large Kaboom (Super Bad Girl Kisses her Behind Bye Bye)..Just a couple of items I allow in my MWWG Game Campaign--Enjoy :shock: