M8 Bigfoot Marauder- Is it worth it?

M8 Bigfoot Marauder- Is it worth it?

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Hi All,

I have been eyeing off the M8 Bigfoot for a while now and was wondering if any of you thought it is worth the extra points.

I love the Hail Mary Mortar but I could see it getting swamped by bugs in Close combat.

Plasmatic cannons are also great but you need to get close to use them against decent targets like Tanker bugs and it seems like they are more likely to get you first?

What do you all think
I said yes, for several reasons.

Notably: They have a Kill of 11, so warriors can never get Kill results on them. The Hail Mary Mortar is very nice, direct-fire it gets 3xD10+2. Two of these guys, standing ontop of some tall terrain, would get 6xD10+2 at 60" range. That's painful! And lastly: The plasmatic cannons can pop tunnel markers with remarkably consistency. First-action shoot the tunnel marker. Second action, destroy whatever just surfaced. Wonderful for busting open Tankers or the like so that the Chickenhawks in the group can smash it to pieces.
I only have 1 in my Platoon of 12, but they are absolutely incredible. The Hail Mary does devastating damage, and then upclose the Bigfoot can do 4D10+D6 per turn, without reactions! And before anyone says anything, the Bigfoot can react because all weapons are infinite on Marauders...

In short, they are well worth it, I recommend them
I love the bigfoot, pretty much for the same reason everyone else gave, although it is great to kill a tanker in 2 rounds.
Nothing wrong with a piece of heavy artillery that can also hold its own in hand to hand, if it even gets into it. :p

Keep him screened with a squad of troopers, have a chickenhawk off the flank and you have a ready front with some firepower.

move the whole line around, and keep them moving. Think of a lawnmower!!!! :p :twisted: :p :twisted:

Two might be a bit much, but depending on the army size, this is a horror to behold! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Hi guys,

Yes, the Bigfoot is quite sweet. Watch out for the Sasquatch, Goshawk and Sparrowhawk in Essential Updates, due December. . .
msprange said:
Hi guys,

Yes, the Bigfoot is quite sweet. Watch out for the Sasquatch, Goshawk and Sparrowhawk in Essential Updates, due December. . .
Umm...since when do the MI need more stuff? :x
Pfft, the MI always need more stuff! Besides, Skinnies and Bugs are both supposed to get new stuff in the 2007 update too as I understand it.
More Marauder Variants - Awesome!

Ok maybe I will buy one M8 Bigfoot possibly two :wink:

Thanks for the feedback guys. Just wanted a few opinions!

Any trouble VS tanker bugs popping out from tunneling markers?
Just finished painting mine tonight and it is nice. Just hope I never drop it omg that thing is heavy! I can't imagine what the king tanker is like... :shock: