Luther arkwright (maybe spelt wrong)

Mr Evil

ok doese anybody remember the ace role play game

Luther arkwright (maybe spelt wrong)

as far as i know it whent under due to be put out by a small company,, i recon mongoose would do republishing it justice...

ive got a pristeen copy somewhere..
They haven't released the main rules yet, but it seems that there will be a supplement on the Disruptors, which seems a fair enough place to start things.
I know next to nothing about Luther Arkwright, but I noticed that Big Finish have released a three CD Luther Arkwright audio adventure.

Their audios are generally of pretty high quality, and the blurb makes it sound rather good. I'll find the budget to buy it one of these days.
im considering getting atheverse to do luther arkright as a table top game...

gonna have to look into it more for fluff though
well i draged my copy of the role play game today, and looked around apparently zero zero should have been released 2 years ago and never happened :(


i cant be the only person with this game !!!!