lowley dwarf gains high award

toothill man

just too let you all know I have just gained my boradon cross medal at the tower of the sun 8) for services to dwarfs am only the 3rd ever dwarf too get this dwarf only reward :twisted: you could get yours too by joining up at the tower taking a job as a bor dwarf and joining me in a cup of boom powder :twisted:(medal gained at 7th level)
and won the tower of the sun lottery 8) but were are my manners welcome too the mongoose boards and it you havent had a look yet tower of the sun is worth a look too :wink: for most things lone wolf :twisted:
The Wolf said:
A beard and big gun, what more could a wolf ask for!

Not much I think, so come on down, www.towerofthesun.com

Lowly dwarf no more!
Toothillman has made Master at the Tower of the Sun with the priveledges that accompany it.
Tower of the Sun has a Masters hall that is only available to people at Master level, and Grand Masters Hall, for GM level members, as well as the class specific forums.
Congrats again Toothillman, make sure you get your key to the executive toilets!

The Dwarfs of Bor would like to announce that Balgin Stondraeg has been awarded two medals at the Tower of the Sun, he is the first Dwarf to be awarded the Blue Stone Triangle, for his news reporting at Tower of the Sun, and he is the third Dwarf to recieve the Boradon Cross, for reaching level seven!

Congrats all round.

And of coures the Sages of Lyris and the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star both gained new members this past week as well.
Reporting on un-Dwarf like activities