Looking for advice on bases


As SST is the first miniatures game I've ever tangled with, I sometimes find myself at a loss. In this case, I'm wondering about bases for units that don't originally have them (Brains, Tankers, etc.)

Specifically, I'm looking to base my Brains, Tankers, and Infiltrator, but need a little advice from the experienced modelers on the board.

Where can I get "generic" bases? What sizes are available? Lastly, any tips on basing figures that you've found useful?

Thanks in advance!
My advice would be - don't base them. Warriors, Tankers and the like can stand on their own quite well without a base. You're going to find, especially with the Warriors, that you'll often be placing them closer than point-blank range to each other. If they're free-standing this isn't a problem, as the legs can intermingle. But if you base them, you'll have one very miserable time bunching them up. Not to mention the problems you'll have getting a base-mounted bug to sit on the slope of a hill, within a forest of trees, etc. If the model can stand on its own, forget basing.

The only exceptions I've run across are Ripplers & Hoppers - who move on their own clear stands - the Infiltrator, and most especially the Overseer. I ended up basing my Overseer on a CD, as the base it came with was so undersized my Overseer kept tipping over, leading to hours of repair work and much swearing. :x
Infiltrator has a base, for the brain, I'd suggest an old CD, like a free one (internet samplers, freebies in the newpapers etc...).
Tankers really are not necessary.
I wasn't going to base the Warriors, just the Tankers and Brain. My Tankers have a tendancy to droop towards the head, like they are trying to bulldoze their way through stuff. Not quite the image I want. As a newbie modeler/wargaming, the Tanker was a pain in the *** to put together.

I wanted to base the Brain to kind of showcase it and the Chariot Bugs; I was pleased at how they came out and wanted to give them a little extra "oomph".

Same with The Infiltrator. I was thinking of making a base complete with either a corpse of the remains of its armor suit.

The CD sounds great. I receive a ton of AOL CD's every week. Now they may actually be useful.

As an aside, I must say the members of this board are top notch when someone asks for help.
I based my Brain Bug on a rectangular piece of plywood that I found at Michael's crafts. It was pre-cut with nicely rounded corners and perfectly fits the model. As I recall, it cost less than a dollar.

Sorry to animate a long dead thread but my search foo lead me to this and I have the same question so I was wondering if what people think about basing bugs now ....

I just received my SST starter, I didn't want to wait for Evo and I enjoy painting so I'm gonna try and get these bugs painted up and ready for play. I have 3 reasons for wanting to put my bugs on bases:

1. consistency - other armies, and some bugs ... have bases so I'd like to be consistent
2. paint wear - I find that any previous models I have painted and not had them on some type of base, it just leads to the paint chipping and being removed from the feet of the models after minimal use ... I would think with SST and bugs this would be very much the case as the terrain is typical a sand/desert table it would be like sandpaper on little bug feet
3. basing - basing models give a little extra room for creativeness, another part of the hobby ...

So, I am wondering if anybody has bases bugs for similar reason and what base sizes would people recommend for models like warrior bugs that come without?

I think there are valid reasons given here not to base your warriors. If you are bent on doing so, you might want to take into account that you will probably want (and many times need) to overlap the legs of other warriors. As such, maybe instead of a square or circle conventional base, you can make some bases that would roughly take the shape of a shadow under the bug. You could use sheet styrene or hardboard cut to a shape to accommodate a warrior. I imagine a rough X shape where each arm of the X would be under a leg. If a leg is elevated, you could remove that part completely. You should then be able to close in your bug ranks better and still have a grabbing point/scenery for the model.
If it were me (and I have based Bugs for display purposes) CD's are an excellent choice.

Go into your local Supermarket, and grab a load of the free internet signup Cd's Lol!

I really prefer based minis but have left my warriors unbased as the leg span is too much.

I added a base to my King Tanker and Plasma Bug as it helped balance them and looks better.

I also added bases to my Mantis and Burrowers.
I haven't based my tankers or other figures, though like you I am thinking of basing my Brain bug, more as a show piece

The only other type I am looking at basing is mt Hoppers, on slightly taller and larger flying bases so I can show them when they are flying high on AA cover
Arachnid Stuff I have based- Rippler Bugs, Hopper Bugs, Infiltrator Bug, and homemade Control Bugs.

I've got 3 Mantis Bugs where I might go back and base just the rear legs for extra stability with a thin lima bean style base, which still allows them to overlap easily with other Arachnids, like say an accompanying swarm of Warriors.

I wouldn't base anything else unless it was in danger of falling over. I like the fact that most Arachnid stuff is free standing. They look better in game pictures among terrain and in a battle they can be grouped closer to represent their way of crawling all over each other to get to their enemy like ants.
daggers said:
The only other type I am looking at basing is mt Hoppers, on slightly taller and larger flying bases so I can show them when they are flying high on AA cover
I haven't gone and terrained these bases, but it is similar to what you are describing.
Here are my hoppers above and behind some warriors:
Flying Hoppers

The bases are 1/4" Basswould cut into squares with a paper clip used as a stand. The end is folded over and inserted into the hopper base. See here:
Under Hopper

Yeah, that's a google eye on the hopper. I put them on everything:
Silly Brain
Big Goofy Brain
Guy_LeDouche said:
Where can I get "generic" bases? What sizes are available? Lastly, any tips on basing figures that you've found useful?

Thanks in advance!

to bring this back to basing and how.

The hoppers I have are going to be based up similar to my 40K grav tanks.
there I use the plastic bases and cover them in sand and paint this up with flocking to give the effect of ground. I find if I paint the underside of the base it works well too.
I leave the vertical support clear.
I am planning on using this technique but with some longer rods for the high fliers. May have to increases the base size to offset the weight height issue.

The only other thing is to be careful with where the support meets the body and ensure it doesn’t snap.
I’ve had to replace my 40K ones with brass inserts to ensure they don’t snap
hope this helps
Lieutenant Rasczak said:
Does anyone know why that clear plastic is so fragile!

It's where they tend to fit into the bodies. The tip is slightly thinner and this makes it weaker. and can cause it to break