Looking for a Good,Clear city map for OGL Wild West.


Hey Everyone,

I just picked up the pdf for OGL Wild West at drivethrurpg.com and noticed that the maps are totally fuzzy.

Does anyone have a clear scan of this map or another clear map that they use for "Westerns" games?


I've been using the Fort Griffin setting myself from Dog House Rules (makers of Sidewinder: Recoiled d20 Wild West).

I've mixed OGL WW/Sidewinder and been running a game in this area for a bit now.

Dog House Rules free maps/info

My game, Fort Griffin 1871
If I joined your game, I'd actually get to USE a gmae book that I have other than the SRD for D&D. :)

I'll work up a character as soon as I can and send it in, or you can send me info at Nezeray<at>yahoo.com .

James / Nezeray
nezeray said:
Thanks for the links, I've bookmarked them all. :)


Sure, Level 2 pc, use the format seen in the Character subforum and email it to me for review/approval, please include background/personality etc.

I got a possible another player too in the works.

email: landothearchmagi@comcast.net