Lone Wolf: The Darklands Mock-up



For those who are interested, there is a mock-up for 'The Darklands' over at amazon.com.

You will need to type in the following: Darklands: A Lone Wolf Rpg Supplement.

Hope you enjoy....

Blue Crane
Okay, I went to amazon, bu I'm not sure what I should be seeing 'mock-up' wise. Can someone please tell me what a mock-up is?
Yeah, I saw that a while ago. Its the the same artwork that is in the conan d20 (for a necromancy spell). I was hoping they would change it and go for something original. Likew maybe a couple of darklords posing and saying cheese on the front cover.
Ha! So the real cover reveals itself.

hmm....I was hoping a million $$$ would fall out of the sky into my lap...*looks up*
Hmm, not bad so far ... Intriguing. Want to see more, though! :D Does anyone know where to look for a larger version?

Paido, who would like to see a preview, too, maybe? *hinthint?* Oh, well, was worth a try.
Possibly stupid question... but in the blurb, why isn't Agarash given his title 'the Damned'? Not that it matters a whit...
Maybe to save 10 letters worth of space each time he is named; for a book such as this where he will be mentionned hundreds of time, you get a whole new chapter! :p
It's also easier to read in the long run...