Lone Wolf Mega-Deal UPGRADE Request?

(I have posted there on an old topic but I felt that this would provoke a better Discussion as a new topic)

Going back through my old email receipts from 2007 (Yes I have a big inbox) I paied £299.00 for the 38 book Mega Deal. "The Mega Deal will comprise a total of 38 books. The 32 gamebooks plus two novel trilogies." (Quote from Mongoose Customer services back in 2007 http://magnamund.livejournal.com/)

The NEW Mega Deal is only £100 more and the price for all the Lone Wolf Multiplayer Gamebooks currently out and the 3 pre-orders is £115.

Now people are going to say my next suggestion is mad as we were ment to get 38 books and now there will only be 34, but I say the remaining novels may still come out which we would still get if they do, and yes we have waited along time and have mis-prints and so on but from what I have read the mis-prints are still there and we have been enjoying the books 5 years longer than someone who get the Mega-Deal today. But here is my request.

Dear Mongoose,
As an Original Mega-Deal owner,


For the difference of the what I paid back in 2007 of £299 and the new Price of £399 can I pay the £100 to receive "every book in the Lone Wolf Multiplayer Gamebook range as soon as it is released, right up until I finally receive Lone Wolf 32"

I hope you are able to help me and many many others who have been with you for a very long time continue to enjoy Lone Wolf in its new incarnation.

Thank you