Lone Wolf & Dungeons & Dragons

blue crane

Dear Sir,

When it was mentioned that: "t [Lone Wolf The RPG] will also have all the rules you need for integrating 'proper' D&D rules and classes into the setting..." and, "...[W]e are also going to provide plenty of information on how to use 'standard' d20 rules, so you can use it as a sourcebook..." did you mean that there will be an appendix or chapter included in the book on playing Lone Wolf along with D&D?

Thank you.

Blue Crane
The information comes is a series of text boxes appearing int he relevant areas showing readers how to use the variuos elements of the game with standard d20 rules. This allows Players and Games Masters to pick and choose what parts they want to use and what parts to leave for standard D&D of whatever version they play.

Hope this helps,