Lone Wolf Book List


Since many people have asked about what books there are for Lone Wolf, I thought that I'd put the full UK listing in a new topic.

So without any further ado, here is the list.

5 Kai Books

Flight from the Dark
Fire on the Water
Caverns of Kalte
Chasm of Doom
Shadow on the Sand

7 Magnakai books

Kingdoms of Terror
Castle Death
Jungle of Horrors
Cauldron of Fear
Dungeons of Torgar
Prisoners of Time
Masters of Darkness

13 Grand Master books

Plague Lords of Ruel
Captives of Kaag
Darke Crusade
Legacy of Vashna
Deathlord of Ixia
Dawn of the Dragons
Wolfs Bane
Curse of Naar

8 New Order books

Voyage of the Moonstone
Buccaneers of Shadaki
Mydnights Hero
Rune War
Trail of the Wolf
Fall of Blood Maountain
Hunger of Sejanoz

4 World of Lone Wolf (Grey Star) books

Grey Star the Wizard
Forbidden City
Beyond the Nightmare Gate
War of the Wizards

12 novels (Legends series)

Eclipse of the Kai
The Dark Door Opens
The Sword of the Sun
Hunting Wolf
The Claws of Helgedad
The Sacrifice of Ruanon
The Birthplace
The Book of the Magnakai
The Tellings
The Lorestone of Varetta
The Secret of Kazan-Oud
The Rotting Land

1 graphic novel

The Skull of Agarash

1 other book

The Magnamund Companion
Eryx said:
Jeez. I think the last one I got was Kingdoms of Terror. :oops:

Last gamebook I bought was Buccaneers of Shadaki and the last novel was Lorestone of Varetta. I really wish I had of got the rest of the New Order series after seeing how much they go for on ebay.
A good thought, and very comprehensive! :D

To avoid confusion by our American fellows: The Legends of Lone Wolf novels were published only up to Hunting Wolf in the U.S., and The Sword of the Sun was split in two (the first half was published as The Tides of Treachery, the second half under the original title).

For all those who want more information (e.g. on foreign editions, or advice how to hunt them down), pack for a journey to Desert Lynx's Lone Wolf Oasis. You won't regret that! :wink:


P.S.: Psst, robertib: 8 Grand Master books only!
just remembering one of my most favorite characters


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