LONAW Armageddon?


Just realized.

Theres no more LONAW ships on the release schedule, and i couldnt find them on the usual blank search.

Did i miss something?
Well Matthew has now confirmed to me that I can talk about what ACTA stuff I saw, but points out that all the details will likely change.

I saw fleet lists for the ISA, Pak'mara (Tenacious will love that after how I quietened hium down about the Dilgar), Gaim and PSI CORPS.

The ISA get all new ships from existing canon, the Psi Corps stuff looks well cool, the Pak had a rather nice fighter (subject to change) and I never really touched the Gaim list.

Also there was an 'Other ships list' which included lots of varied civilian shipping from many races, abnd something Derina will like, a Technomage pinnace.

But like I say, all subject to change.

Well so they get further pushed back without notice, unless someone pulls the info from someone else.

Hrm does that entitle me to whine about all LONAW not getting anything?

sry for that jibe, but the dilgar whine take a dozen pages. One post in good humor should be ok :D

I just hope MGP would be a bit more free with information. It only takes a single post to say stuff is delayed. Not getting afraid are we now? :p

Again all in good humor :D

But yes i love it, that Pak and Gaim are making an entrance.
Only remeber detail is everything, its better to have a smaller mini with more detail than a boombox.
Ahh ok.

First post, uhh topicstarter.

I cant find any LONAW ships for armageddon anymore.

Neither in the nice release schedule on the ACTA main page, neither on a blank search.

And some other stuff has vanished too. Cant find:
Narn and Minbari new ships either.

Now either:
A: MGP has a screwup on their page.
B: Stuff has been delayed.......

Cause as far as the page is concerned it doesnt exist anymore.
well unless they got the moulds sorted for the armageddon ships, pretyy much any one thats not on the current release lists, so thats the boombox, the base star, the flying fish thing, the narn ships

No apparently only misled ^^.

Since this is your first post in this thread, i can only assume you wanted to post somewhere else. Trust me i have already seen that one. Gets even more confusing when the wrong answer was to a thread you just read. I was thinking: "I di switsch the thread, didnt I?"
I saw fleet lists for the ISA, Pak'mara (Tenacious will love that after how I quietened hium down about the Dilgar), Gaim and PSI CORPS.

What was the ISA list ? - more new isa hulls other than the Armageddon VCD , WS-Carrier, WS-Gunship, ws-Fighter and revised White-star ?

Any more information would be great

I think she was actually commenting on something LBH said about the Technomage Pinnance...

I suspect it might have something to do with the ships appearing in the lastest issue of S&P RPG...

Dunno LBH only mentioned someone named Derina......

And something someone will like is good english.

Yes i know i dont wanna come off as the bad guy who preaches about grammer, but it is confusing......The way it reads to an outsider.
would be interesting to see the valen class vessel mentioned in there, lots of forward firepower, also some skimish/patrol ships for the ISA would be useful.

one question though, whats a Shial fighter? is that and upgraded nial cos that would be just scary.