Living and working on Babylon 5 - a question of income etc..


:?: Please can somebody advise me on the cost of living on Babylon 5?

I'm a new GM and I've come up with a mini-adventure for my three players that involves them all working for Station Security (at the time when B5 opted out of the EarthForce Alliance).

The core rule-book has initial starting cash for character classes but I cannot find any information on how much a station security guard (new to the job) could be expected to earn, either per week or month.

Also, although there are rental prices for rooms, I cannot find any information on what characters could expect to pay in the way of bills (utilities etc...), food and necessities.

Also, I am unsure as to the value of a "credit". I read somewhere on this forum that it is roughly 60% of a dollar - would that make it 30% of a British Pound? (pardon the maths - not my strong suit). However, even with this knowledge, I'm not sure exactly how much you'd pay for a drink in a bar or a meal in a restuarant, or how much it would cost to "gather information".

Please can anyone help or advise me on any of the above? Many thanks.
It would seem to me that the main idea is to have internal consistency in your campaign. If you make something up, stick with it and use it as your base for future costs. If you find official numbers don't quite match up later, improvise.

If we run with the 3cr to a Pound idea, you could get a snack or sugary treat for a credit, or maybe some meal in a pot of dubious nutritional value from a vendor. A basic intoxicating drink for 5cr or a simple fast food type meal. For 30cr you'd get a bottle of cheap booze or a change of underwear! 100cr would get you a fair meal of three courses with a glass of wine, or a nice (if unremarkable quality) new shirt or pair of pants. Take it from there...

(hey, I could be wrong... but that was the first point I was trying to make... if it works that way in your campaign stick with it and make your pricing the foundation for you.)
The profession skill has (absolutely ridiculous) rules for gaining money based on your skill.

Fiery Trial has a jobs sheet at the back, that would give you a better idea of how much a person can earn for a particular job.

You might want to look at B5 Main Book P.116 for room costs per week.
Perturbatio said:
You might want to look at B5 Main Book P.116 for room costs per week.

I think pcgem found that... but was seeking an idea of additional costs that might be involved, like utilities. I presume that staff quarters would not be charged like a hotel (such as travellers to the station might pay), but would instead have a rent and utility bill (power, water, sewerage, etc.) that got deducted straight from wages.
Thanks to all for replying. I shall use what you've said (internal consistency etc...) and the sources you've linked to and give it a go. My players have all GMed before so have said they'll be gentle for my first go. Hopefully, they won't even be aware of the details and it will all just flow... fingers crossed :)