Ligureans and De Campy things.


I received today Across Thunder River. Already skimmed through it. I specially like the parts where it's carefully pointed out what was written by Howard and what was perpetrated by others. I must say (again; this is beginning to seem sobseguious :wink: ) great work, Vincent.

Haphazardlly, I'm reading Conan of Aquilonia this days, and read Black Sphinx of Nebthu just yesterday. Voilá! I get the stats for the ligurean druid Diviatrix next day. Since I dislike De Campy pastiches, it's something I'll never use. But then I realized that ligureans seem presented here and the core rulebook as created by Howard, yet I don't remember then mentioned until Black Sphinx of Nebthu. Considering my prominent absence of mind, likely I went over it and didn't acknowledge it. Anyone could point me, if it is so, where in Howard's text do they show up? Thanks!
Ok, thanks; it wasn't too obvious but I'm commited to do a deeper reading of the original tales (I just got the Millenium Fantasy Masterworks edition). BTW, just out of curiosity, did you use for the quote the original draft of Wolves Beyond the Frontier or the "completed" De Camp version?

And about the map of the region between rivers where Conahohara is depicted, did you used some sort of map drawed by Howard himself, or there isn't such a thing?
I used Howard's incomplete text for that quote, but I don't think it was altered in de Camp's completion.

The map was created using descriptions in Beyond the Black River.