lets build a new class



Ok seeing as these forums are attended by huge lw fans, all running numerous games, its seems like a good place to play around with some much disired classes, not being covered by the folks at Mongoose- who knows, they may take notes for future supplements or S&p articles. Personally i think the game is crying out for a Noodnic, Ogron and Kloon option- most classes are human based so i dont think it will create hordes
of nonhuman pcs, but if you can have a telchos warrior in sommerlund, it seems just as likely to encounter a noodnic, fed up of living in a tunnel!. It seems this could be a great place to put together the nuts and bolts of such a class, and toss around ideas which we can incorporate into our own campaigns. This is not a "what should mongoose do next "discussion. If you guys really dont want to bother with noodnics etc, then dont read em! But if you ever wanted to develope something, we could all draw on the shared wisdom of lw fans, and playtest them all on a grand scale.
and then the world will be mine all mine mwahhaha!