League Fleet Suggestons for Campaign ...


Hi all, i'll be competing in the upcoming Vassal Campaign as the League worlds...
I've limited experience with them and only have battlefield experience with the Drazi..
So i seek your wisdom!
If you could recommend one ship per priority level from the entire League fleets (Abbai,Vree,Brakiri,Drazi and Raiders) what would they be?

Also, this will be my first campaign experience. How should i break down the 10PT Battle points, in terms of priority levels?
Your help is appreciated, thanks :D
Well here is just a suggestion:

Tashkat - always good having a big ship handy

Lakara - good beam and solid quad batteries
Kaliva - nice triple damage weaponry and AP secondaries
Xaak - solid support ship with command bonus also

Bimith: good quad batteries but needs to be supported until its in the thick of the fighting
Halik - nice AP weaponry
Battlewagon - good beam although Boresight. should have enough iniative sinks to get lock ons though

Milani x 2 -excellent ship, good beam and quad batteries plus fighters
Marta - tough little ship and can get into the fight quite quickly
Ikorta x 2: preceise weaponary and AP secondaries + fighters
Warbird x 2: good flanking ships, tough and beam equipped
Xixx x 2: good supoprt ship, excellent Super AP precise DD torpedoes

Patrol: always worth having for those rare low level encounters and initiative sinks
Tiraca x 2: decent patrol ship, beam equipped, reasonable weaponary plus interceptors
Vaarl x 2: good scout ship, high stealth rating.

Gives you a total of 20 ships

Hope this helps a liitle or gives you some ideas
One correctiion...

The skirmish ship with the precise torps in the Vree fleet is the Xixx.

Consider swapping the Lakara for another Kaliva, they work better in pairs so you have enough dice to throw at extreme range to get by an interceptro or two.

This is an abbai heavy selection so expect to always loose initiative. Squadron up and eliminate enemy sinks quickly with longer range weapons.

Well if for one per PL I would say:



Battlewagon (though the Xill was a close second here)