Layred Armour Table


The table for layering armour together for a combined DV bonus is strangely missing from my edition of the rulebook. Would someone be so kind as to post the details of it?
Not sure what you mean. All combinations of layered armour that are possible have their own entry in the Armour table, and there are not really any special rules for layering armour.
For example, Mail Shirt+Breastplate gives DR 8, max Dex bonus +2 and a -7 armour check penalty.
Ah I think I see the problem. The Layering Armour subtitle mentions a list of armours in table 6.4. Flipping onto the next page I find table 6.4: Shields. I never realized that the other armour table was 6.4 as well. Thanks for clearing that up.
OK, I see. In the AE, which is the only version I have, none of the tables have numbers like these attached to them.
I think it's just the first edition. It's pretty funky for typo's, layout problems (like a line will say, "see table below" when in reality you went past it four pages ago), that sort of thing. Oh well, atleast I've finally got this one problem solved. It was like my grail quest for a while; confounding the ever living hell out of me ;)