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El Cid

Matthew and the rest of the Mongoose Gang, could you use this topic to post the latest status of products so we'd only have one place to look?

Has the Centauri book arrived at the wearhouse?

Just saw a message from the Yahoo group for Mongoose saying the Centauri book is in and should be in stores next week.

That's the best way I can think of to get updates on what's comin out, there and the general discussion in the forum here.
Check out the 'General Discussion' Forum. One of the threads there states that the Centauri book will be out next week. Wasn't sure if you had looked there yet after reading this so I figured I'd let you know.
It wasn't posted in the General Discussion until after I put up this topic.

Three minutes difference. :D

Actually, having it posted there is better for most folks, I'd expect.

I'd just like to have one place to look rather than having to hunt through all the areas.

Like I said join the Yahoo group, that way it'll be in your e-mail along with every other major annoucement these guys make.
The group I was thinking of is literally mongoosepublishing, you can't leave any messages there but it's good for updates on releases.
Thanks, LoneStranger.

Are those silver bullets in your gunbelt? :D

Just bullets with silver paint on em, although I should get a real silver bullet since this is post 400 for me (amazing isn't it?).