Lankhmar Review

Hardback Book, 160 pages.

The book deals with adventuring in Lankhmar. It follows the story line very well, but is not really into game mechanics and rules.

Chapter One: Themes Of Lankhmar:

Covers what is like to Roleplay in Lankhmar.

Chapter Two: Character Creation.

Covers backgrounds and Professions in Lankhmar. Backgrounds are: Aristocrat, Barbarian (Cold Waiste, Kleshite Jungle), Freeman, Mariner, Nomad, Slave. Professions are rather limited, but very appropriate for the system.

Languages are discussed.

The spell related magic that exists is sorcery, and it is not readily available. The book recommends that no PC's even practice those foul arts.

Hedge Magic: deals with charlatan magic of sorts, covering those magicians who dabble in the art of Divining. It is not a diffferent magic system with spells use.

Faith Magic: Gods do not have a direct effect on the occupants of Newhon. Many feel they do not even exist. This discuses ways mortals deal with gods. No spells are given. Divine Intervention is the major way gods interact, but it is very, very rare.

Hero Points: A character begins with more on Lankhmar.

Chapter 3: The City of the Black Toga (Lankhmar)

Gives details of the city, politics, intrigues, guilds, fractions, and a lesser description of the Sewers.

This chapter gives description sof the following gods: Issek of the Jug, Kos, Rat God, Aarth, Mog, Votishal, The Great God, Gods Of Lankhmar.

Chapter Four: Newhon gazeteer

A description of the lands of Newhon. Though not fully described, the detail presented in this chapter is playable as it is..

Interesting note: Ghouls in Lankhmar are humans who practice cannablism.

Chapter Five: Creatures of Newhon

Creatures are divided by locals. They are: (Great Salt Marsh) Marsh Leopard, Salt Spiders, Swamp Cobra. (Klesh) Emporer Snake, Jungle Spiders (Cold Waiste) Polar Tiger, Ice Cat, Snow Serpent, Ice Gnome, (Lankhmar) Iron Statue of the Devourers, Gods of Lankhmar (Newhon) Simorgyan Cloak Beasts, Ghost Hounds, Beasts of the Black Shore.

Chapter Five: Adventures of Newhon This reviews the adventures of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser. It is also gives campaign ideas if you want to follow those stories.
Stats for both are given.

Chapter Six: Swords Against Spells

Black Magic is detailed. To sum it up, spells take longer to cast in Lankhmar, Spells can be manipulated by Agony, Hatred, and Sympathy. Corruption is going to happen when casting spells unless one has a focus. Spells mentioned are Death Spell: Wraith Fire, Web of Night-Smog, The Cold Of Hate, Cause Disease.

Chapter Seven: Of Sheel and Ning

This chapter is all about the two greatest Sorcerers on Newhon: Sheelba and Ningaugble.

Over all A great source book that follows the books in the Lankhmar series. Not too rulesy and very informative.

I will be doing Newhon later.