LAMI, 1000pts...


Just thinking on adding to my Light Armour troopers, though the 1000pt list has had to change with the dissapearance of the drop ships for the forseeable future (cut me deep, that... :( ).

Still! Means more guns, even if the army has lost it's mobility. But before I buy my stuff, I want some opinions on the list. I thought it would be kinda cool to field a whole 'realistic' LAMI platoon at full strength, so here we have 52 starship troopers...

Light Armour Platoon, 'Lifeguards'

Lieutenant Rhodes - 95pts

Sergeant Major Cole - 55pts

1st Squad (10 men) - 175pts
Sergeant, Corporal, 2x Morita Long

2nd Squad - 235pts
Sergeant, Corporal, 2x Longbow missile launchers

3rd Squad - 160pts
Sergeant, FedNet reporter

4th Squad - 160pts
Sergeant, FedNet reporter

5th Squad (Recruits) - 115pts
Veteran Sergeant (Rallying Cry), squad leader

Total: 995pts
PL 1

The idea is the LT and NCO join the squads without corporals to increase my fire zones. These two squads, with the recruits, advance to face the enemy in a firefight whilst the other two hang back to fire on any appropriate targets.

I couldn't resist taking recruits... The chance of them running for it should the sergeant buy the farm is just priceless. :lol: Remainds me of Klendathu from the movie.
I'd say it'd be a good idea to move the FedReps into squads w/ snipers and Longbows, at least the latter one - this way You'll get better benefit from their re-rolls.
And since there's 5 pts left anyway why not arm the lieutnant w/frag grenades?
LAMI is the way to go!

Well, not that I own any, but there'll be a time for that too!

Seems as an ok list in any case.