Kull Source Book?


This Weekend I read the graphic novel Ravegers out of time, where Conan an sonja mmet Kull.
The Age of Kull seems very interesting, so what would you think about a source book (not a complete game). It could be a cool expansion for the cConan RPG (perhaps a time travel or a campaign that starts in Kull`s age and ends in Conan`s).
And when they don`t do a book, what about an article in Signs & Portents?
I would love to see it, but I imagine that there would be licencing problems (i.e. I doubt Mongoose has permission to use the Kull background).
Is it a poblem? Valusia and Kull are mentioned in the rule books (even Red Sonja) by name and both are parts of the Hyborian timeline, so why shoul it be forbidden to use the material.
Now that Paradox (CPI) has acquired the rights to the entire Robert E. Howard library, expanding the RPG with a Kull sourcebook or any other REH character is not only more probable but CPI has already said they will be expanding the other REH characters besides Conan into different mediums.


So, I would definitely let Mongoose know this is something we want. 8)
A book on the ages pre-Conan would be great!
A book like RoK on old kingdoms (Valusia, Commoria, Thule, Kamelia, Farsun, Verulia, Acheron, etc.) and Atlantis. A supplement detailing these realms with more NPC and monster stats would be a sure hit.
I would be in line to buy this product, particularly if Mongoose kept the rules compatible to what we have already.

In addition to a Kull sourcebook, I would love a Solomon Kane book.
I'd also like to see a Kull sourcebook. Would there be enough material for a Red Sonja sourcebook, while we're on the topic of sourceooks?
Yeah, this would indeed be great!

One 128p. book would be enough to ceate wonderful one-shots (remembrance adventures for the PCs a la REH's James Allison).
It wouldn't have to be a stand alone game. It could be a world book/gazetter with a section on alternate rules, creatures etc.
I would buy a sourcebook about the old kingdoms. A sourcebook about this would be a great idea indeed!
Tim said:
It wouldn't have to be a stand alone game. It could be a world book/gazetter with a section on alternate rules, creatures etc.

I like that idea. I doubt a Kull world would sell enough stand alone to make enough profit. I know the comic books didn't. Ditto for Sonja, but what an NPC she would make!

Vincent posted her stats awhile back btw if someone needs her stats.

It seems logical that it could be done using the same system. Theoretically you'd have to redefine the sorcery system a bit, make racial alterations (the Picts, while still tribal, are much more advanced than in Conan's age; whereas the Atlantean savages are about the same as (their descendents the) Cimmerians IIRC. Kull evolved into Conan, from Howard's writing perspective. He made a more bad-a** free-roving persona and came to understand Conan much better than the earlier Kull, but the one was the basis for the other. Anyways, deal with these characters, the snake-men who plague Kull and you're all set). Since my only experience is the Howard stories, I don't know how much comics, pastiche writers have meddled with the world, but while you don't have as much info as for Conan, you could probably map out the continent the way it's supposed to be back then.
Interesting idea. Of course you'd stick to the same system. Maybe come up with new classes. (More primeval ones: Savage (Barbarian/Nomad), Champion (Noble/Soldier), Loremaster (Scholar) and Outlaw (Thief/Pirate/Borderer) perhaps. )