King Conan download

I think a lot of the NPC design was done using the PC tables as of Playtest Pack 6 and Parry and Dodge bonuses changed from PP6 to the actual print version of the book -- King Conan as presented here reflects the problem.

Barbarians now have a good Parry and average Dodge -- King Conan shows a good Dodge and average Parry.

Chances are, no one would (or should) ever fight Conan so in this case the build is for information only (I think ther should be additional Thief levels too) but Mongoose should take care with other NPCs that are going into their books . . .

Also, I find it useful to see crit ranges and AP values in the Stat blocks - and how did he get Sunder feats w/o Power Attack?

And shouldn't his damage be higher (+12) for using a 2 handed weapon?
Guess I didn't look that hard at it. Seems to be more oversight. Hope it gets cleaned up before the book is printed.

One thing, I don't have the book in front of me, but I could swear the Barb has a better dodge than parry.
Nor me -- Hope I'm right about it though! Just spent 3 hrs updating material last night . . . of course I frequently wear my ass for a hat . . . :D

Could someone please double check that for me -- Barb = Good Parry