Kickstarter from classic fantasy artist, Gary Chalk

Sir Knight

Good day! I and my associates are working with Gary Chalk, original illustrator of the Lone Wolf gamebooks (among many other things, like a chunk of Warhammer Fantasy, the board game Talisman, and other fantasy worlds like Redwall), to fund a wargame/board game version of Lone Wolf. Our project is here:

Lone Wolf would be familiar to many of you: it is the story of the last of the Kai Lords, warrior monks who defend the land of Sommerlund against the Darklords and their minions. It was written by Joe Dever starting in the 1980's and originally illustrated by Gary Chalk. Gary designed his own board game version back in those early days, and now 30 years later it's playtested and ready to share. The visual is based on 2-D hand-drawn playing pieces, not 3-D miniatures: we have an updated 3-D miniature of Lone Wolf himself as an add-on. We also have an artbook collecting much of Gary Chalk's old work (the first such book he's released). Just in case you're not a fan of 1980's fantasy art, we've been posting evidence of how Gary's art has only improved in 30 years.

We hope you'll take a moment to look, share the print-and-play downloads, and pledge if you can. We're running through December 5. Thanks for reading!

Some images:

Box cover

Maps and figures
Hello, all. Lone Wolf - The Board Game is into its final week with over 2/3 of its funding goal. Now is the time we most need your help to bring this game to life!

To try to explain to outsiders who don't know what's so interesting about one fantasy world out of many, I wrote an essay that's turned out popular:

It's more than just a board game on offer. We posted about Gary Chalk's artbook before (covering classics like the Redwall series), and we're also offering Autumn Snow, a new official gamebook spin-off of the original Lone Wolf gamebooks. There have been questions about female "Kai Lords": now Autumn Snow will burst onto the scene!

(Edit: We've made a retraction here. The project will not include any board game content based on Autumn Snow, but will include her gamebook as stated.)

But the opportunity will be gone after December 5, so please take a look, share your thoughts, share the project, and pledge if you can:

Thank you yet again!
. . . And DONE! We've finished the campaign for Lone Wolf - The Board Game with full funding and one unlocked stretch goal, all thanks to folks like you. Thank you very much for your ear, support, and/or patience as we spread the word about this campaign. Now we begin the work that your money makes possible.

If you're coming across this thread for the first time, you may find more information on the official page:

A proper website will be set up there once the game goes on general sale, which we hope to be no later than November 2015.

Thanks for an exciting and successful month. Onward!