Kezankian Hillmen and Fightning Madness


After doing some poking around, I noticed there seems to be a relationship between those races allowed to take the Fighting Madness feat and those with Barbarian as their favored class. Since the Kezankian Hillman appeared well after the initial publication of the feat, it's no surprise that they're not on the list found in the main rulebook. Since they have Barbarian as their favored class, my GM has graciously allowed my Kezankian Hillman PC to take the feat but I'm just looking for some official clarification on this.

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Well I'm just another poster like you, but given that every race listed in the core book has barbarian as a favored class, I'd say that that becomes the criteria for any future peoples. It's a good distinction, as some races have more than one favored class listed, so even if you started at level 1 as a South Islander pirate, for example, you could still get this feat so long as you meet all the criteria listed.

So I'd say that another way of listing requirement/restriction, is that the character's race must have barbarian as a favored class.

Hope this helps (or until someone else contradicts with a ruling). :p


I'd go farther: ALL Hyborians could get the FM feat.


REH's heroes in non-Conan stories, e.g. Solomon Kane & the various crusader guys, are descendants of Hyborians (according to REH's essay The Hyborian Age) and they are regularly overcome by a bloody, unstoppable rage. I can't quote a CONAN-story, but this idea seems in line with REH.

That Hyborians are civilised people and thus have lost this primal feat (other than Cimmerians e.g.), is IMO not really a point, because Solomon Kane and the crusaders come from civilisation, too.

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