Just Saying Hi again.

To VD;

I'm fine thank you. The reason I dropped out of touch is simple, I took ten months paternity leave from my work, taking care of my daughter. She's big now (2,5 years) and she's in daycare so I'm back in the office... hence... back at these boards. Cause as we all know, bitching in Forums is what people do when they claim to be really busy at the office. :lol:

Changed job position as well, so I acctually have to work for a living now which is not as bad as it sounds, cause now I get paid more to boot. (moving up getting older) So now I'm a "Business Process Analyst" and travel the world helping the company to evolve their CRM. (Alot of boring buz-words...sorry... I promise to keep it to a minimum).

Hi GhostWolf,

Your "Sand" adventure was quite Conquese and well written. Did you ever happen to finish part 2?
GhostWolf69 said:
The King said:
a long time indeed.
Were you chasing the Picts in the forest or the apemen in the mountains?

Sad to say, they were all chasing me. :p

I heard indeed that wolves were chased in the North by hunters with helicopters. Hard time. But you survived in the end.
So how is your cub, hum your daughter?
BTW you probably remember words of a coming campaign boxed set (Conan and the shadows of the sorcerer) from last year.
It was cancelled due to some delay problems.
As I know that it was awaited by many I organized a poll on the subject. You are welcome to add your voice (and vote). :wink:
Welcome back GW69! Congrats on the promotion and the baby - busy times indeed. You will have to pick her up one of those d20 plushies and roll her up a barbarian :lol:
Strom said:
Welcome back GW69! Congrats on the promotion and the baby - busy times indeed. You will have to pick her up one of those d20 plushies and roll her up a barbarian :lol:

She's already got a small, green, polyester Chtulhu. 8)

She started to speak 1 1/2 year ago, and no it was not Cthutuloid ramblings... Now however, she has developed a tongue speed from hell. Speaking faster that the words can come out, talking with herself and imaginary animals and friends... a certain small pig is currently a re-ocuring theme and it seems to get lost quite often, running away from her and hiding. I've become more and more positive this pig is up to some malice when she is not looking cause things are starting to disapear, or not being where we left them, shifting around. Maria says its Alice who does this... but I'm not so sure... I don't trust imaginary pigs they can be quite an anoyance. Especially when Alice claims it is small enoug to be scooped up in her little hand or hidden in her pocket. It strikes me that it doesn't have a name, this pig. Probably working under cover, not wanting to give the game away to easily, even if Alice told me a name it would probably be an alias or nom de guerre... blasted pigs... I swear to god... one of these days... I have trouble sleeping these days, cause the footfalls of the pig prwoling around in our apartement is keeping me awake, I have no idea what it is up to, but I bet it is evil... cunning. I have even tried to sneak up at night to catch it unawares, but it is quicker than anything I've ever seen, cause when I switch the lightbulb it is not there anymore... always hiding, leaving a draft, or flapping curtain behind. Come to think of it, it could very well be invisible all together. Alice holds it in her hands some times patting its back she claims... but I cannot see it. Lack of sleep is doing funny things to me... I'm starting to hear the pig talking in the night... telling me to sleep. But I fear the pig now... it has almost supernatural powers... what does it want? Why me? It doesn't tell me, when I ask and Maria tells me to go back to sleep next to me, and I feel stupid... if only she knew about the pig I think she wouldn't sleep so well either... this cannot go on... something has to give...