Just ran Mr. Bubbles


Just ran Mr. Bubbles as my first ever Paranoia game.

It was great. Thanks to you guys at Mongoose for reprinting this (I owned 2nd edition, but never got to play it).

The only thing is, that the players all managed to not use all of their clones (though it was close).

They *did* manage to learn some valuable lessons. Like 1) When being chased by an army of scrubots, do NOT try to barricade yourself in an office where the doors are automatic (my little touch, one of the troubleshooters thought it'd be great to barricade the door with a desk, but the door slid open instead of pulling inward).


2) Always check that the door you want to throw a grenade through is unlocked before activating your grenade.


Again, good work on this game.
I also ran Mr. Bubbles as my first Paranoia game.

I'd played a few times when the line first came out, years ago, but never GMed it. As a proofer for the PXP edition, I waited until it was kosher and then ran the scenario.

The players had a great time! Only two casualties, however, as they were quite careful and managed to avoid a lot of conflict.

Much chaos to be had, and the Mr. Bubbles messages were a hit.
Before I run Mr Bubbles as my first Paranoia game ever, is there any extra advice anybody would like to give ?

For instance, should I have some PC's Secret Society tell him there's a member of a rival Secret Society on the team ? Or are the backgrounds given for the pregens sufficiently murder-oriented already ?

Thanks for any input !

Six Packs of pre-gens in missions like Mister Bubbles and the upcoming missions supplement Crash Priority always have good reason to mistrust everyone else on their team. We certainly wouldn't want the Troubleshooters feeling comfortable...