Just Like D&D-Beyond...

So, I set up a page about the "Slaine the Role-Playing-Game of Celtic-Heroes" on Roll-20 calling myself Ukko-the-Scribe and before I upload any pdf's. I would like to know if I have or need to obtain your permission to upload all of the rule books for Slaine. I know it's probably a dumb thing to ask and your answer may be no. Perhaps there is another way of doing this, otherwise.

Since, uploading them would make things a lot easier for any players whom don't have them.


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I am afraid the answer to that is likely to be no. The copyright and trademarks belong to Rebellion, and I am pretty sure they would not be keen on this.
So, if Rebellion own the rights and trademark as such, do they have plans to sell, or re-release or even revise the rules. Allowing them to be made available to the public again and for a price. Myself, I own all the paper-back and digital copies brought via the correct sellers/your website & Drive-Thru-RPG while the game was in it's original hey day .

Yet, I never played or run the game. Never had chance to, until I started thinking about it a week ago when my local role-playing-game club went looking for gamemasters wanting to run games. Now, the only way, I can do this while keeping Rebellion happy. Would be to create all the player-characters I need myself and hand those out to the players. Saving them the trouble of trying legally obtain the source material without me just giving it to them...

How about that?