Judge Dredd: What should Mongoose Publish Next?

What Judge Dredd products (unannounced) should Mongoose publish next?

  • Sourcebook - Cursed Earth

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  • Sourcebook - Luna 1

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  • Sourcebook - Banana City

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  • Sourcebook - Hondo City

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  • Sourcebook - Vehicles and Ships

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  • Sourcebook - 1001 Citizens of the Big Meg

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  • Other Judge Dredd d20 Sourcebook

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To try and convince Mongoose to publish more Judge Dredd products, I thought I would start a poll here of the supplements that have been whispered about in dark alleys. If you have additional suggestions, please post them below, and hopefully some Mongoose people will check this and show us an updated release schedule... we can but dream.

Also, while I would love more than just Mega City figures (coming with the gang wars miniatures game) I hope we also get Lawmasters, Catch Wagons, H-Wagons, hovercars, etc. With the driving rules in the corebook, we need vehicles to use when having car chases etc.

I chose to only list sourcebooks in the poll, but any suggestions are good here.

Both a Cursed Earth and an vehicle and/or equipment guide would be fantastic additions to the game line. Personally, I would prefer a guide to the Cursed Earth first, followed by a vehicle guide, and an equipment guide third. Further, I think that an interesting suplement might be a guide to Titan, the Judges prison. I can see a lot of interesting ideas for a game either set there or including it as part of a larger campaign.
Both great suggestions. I'm not sure if there would be enough material to have seperate books for vehicles and equipment... maybe they could be combined? What do you think?

Another suggestion could be for a Guide to Judges Gone Bad. This could be a single book and could include all of the following:

  • * Details of the Cursed Earth Camps where ex-Judges get sent. What happens there, who else is there, staffing, etc.
  • * Details of Titan and some of the most infamous inhabitants. This should include staffing and possibly profiles of the upper management positions.
  • * Details of The Long Walk and when this is an appropriate option... not just as retirement.
  • * A typical iso-cube block, including details of staffing, typical layout, number of cells, etc. (This might be more appropriate elsewhere)

It would be a big book, but I think it would also be pretty cool.

Dangit, I might just buy it myself and not wait for my Birthday. That book seems to have a lot of stuff I want. Only 18 days to go before my b'day though...

Combined Gear and Vehicles, definately... but not gear for judges mind.... gear for everyone.

Could be cross genre maybe... Could just as easily be dropped into say Cybernet, B5 (ok thats probably pushing it) and Armageddon 2089, with minimal modification.

Theres loads of books of d20 Modern Firearms/weapons/gear, why not one of the equipment of tomorrow (like RL Talsorian did for Cyberpunk in the Chrome books 1-4)
I would prefer it to be focused just on Judge Dredd with vehicles and gear seen in the comics or created in the games. Since it is d20, any other futuristic game could use the content, but I wouldn't want it watered down with stuff from other sci-fi franchises.

Of course, if the choice is a watered down copy, or nothing at all... I guess watered down is okay :)
I reckon that given that the comic has god knows how many stories, you could get away with cross-genre (Dredd is fairly cyberpunkish anyhow) - I am planning to use the d20 Cybernet with Dredd (for cybernetics and gear).
From the responses so far, The Cursed Earth seems to be the most popular item from the options I gave. Let's hope our voices are heard by the powers that be.

Hi guys,

I think that what would be really interesting to see published would be The rookies guide to the Dark Judges... It should have all the info related with judge Dead, Fire, Dread and Mortis; information about their original dimension and rules about the supernatural beyond psionics.

This could also be all included into some sort of Rookies guide to Dimensions, where we'd have a general idea of how dimensional jump works and rules to be able to visit such dimensions (maybe Gotham City).

In any case, a book with plenty of Cursed Earth info is absolutely necessary, and obviously more interesting than any secondary city guidebook.

Regarding what you said about Titan and Judges gone wrong and all that.. this is great material for a SJS specific book. That is my favourite division and I'll be pushing my players in that direction. If you want alot of great ideas for adventures in that frame of action, read "The Pit", one of the best modern Judge Dredd storylines.
Flashboy, welcome to the boards. I agree that The Pit was a fantastic story with some brilliant artwork.

I like the idea of detailed information on SJS as a focus for Rookies Guide to Judge Gone Bad. In fact, since I think that most people prefer to play a Judge campaign over a perp campaign, it might be nice to see individual guides to each of the divisions within the Justice Department. Psi talent has it's own book, so why not SJS?

I also like the idea of a guide to dimensions (though not until after The Cursed Earth of course). The four dark Judges are Death, Fire, Fear and Mortis. While it would be very interesting to have more information on them and their dimension, I think it is really something that would be seldom used. How many times have they invaded Mega-City One so far? Every time it's a combination of Dredd (toughest street judge in the city) and Anderson (best psi in the city) who beat them. Players in your campain would not stand a chance against them.

Thanks for directing me here, Arabin. Yes, though the Dark Judges are still high on my list, Cursed Earth would be a very nice thing to see. :)
I don't think they should do a book for each city mainly because people are only going to buy the books for the city they like. Now if you did a slightly bigger more expensive encyclopaedia, with the main cities in it, with brief description, infrastructure, history, major events, citizens, perps, judges and laws, I think people would be more tempted.

I bought Brit Cit book, because it features a lot in the comic, and as I am from Britain was tempted to have all my judges a Brit Cit judges.

I just feel it would be better to go with almost and overview, than to make up a load of stuff that isn’t relevant.
Mine is another vote for a Cursed Earth sourcebook.

I'm rather surprised that one hasn't come out already as it seems like a no-brainer to me.
I voted "Other" - with the Dark Judges as that selection.

I think it could be done as a good sourcebook, perhaps introducing some lower-level threats from their realm.
From what I recall, there is nothing else in their dimension. They are the last four judges "alive" since after ruling that all crime is committed by the living, they made life itself a crime and proceeded to extinguish all life. The only other "life" I remember seeing is the spirits of the dead that channeled their anger and rage through Judge Anderson in an attempt to destroy the Dark Judges.

I would love to get some details about their unique equipment though... like the dimension orbs that you use to phase out and appear elsewhere... that Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson used to visit the Dark Judges own dimension.