Judge Dredd VS. Slaine

Okay here is a scary concept that crawled and lurched its way through my brain ball. What if you ran a game where either your Judges or your Tribesmen were accidently sent to either world??

Now that would be pretty screwed up and make for one helluva session or campaign! Comments, movements or moments that might make ya want to have an idea about this setting? :lol:
Daithi O'an tSionnaigh said:
OKay.....um....maybe not? :?

Maybe not. Apart from vast diffrences in level of technological advancement (Judges could probably wipe out whole armies of Celts with their hi-tech weaponry) there is also matter of purely mechanical differences between systems, mainly with spell / psionic.

But on the other hand I can see Judges chasing some mad scientist / criminal who escapes into past, or Tribals who are sent into future to recover (I have no idea what - a stolen artifact?) and perhaps have a chance to meet their descendants.

I have already opened a warp rift that led the Slaine characters into a demon realm where men in strange garb hunted down those who would break the law of the land and the buildings rose like mountains from the wasteland into a darkend sky.

It went quite well too and it took over two hours for one of my group to actually realise that they where in Mega-City One and that was only because he was looking through my Rookies Guide to Crazes at the time and said 'Hey you write on the Dredd game dont you?'

Light bulb on but nobody home :twisted:


Yeah mehcanics aside it would work,I don't use tons of rules in my games anyways I use what I need and toss the rest away I concentrate more on the story than the rules not only that but rules can bogged down or slow a story/game/session or even a whole campaign down to a dead stop.

So I'm sure you could work around slight system changes with either system. Besides it was just a thought and it seems as though Dredd Times has done it so that is cool! I may toss my lads into somthing like this at some point but since most of them are still new to the world of Slaine I think I will keep them in one setting for now.

the judges will not know what hit them :D warped warriors too which lasers are but bee stings warriors suited in there own leyser weapons throw in a war witch and it would be a slap down they will never forget :twisted:
Yes I do have to agree with Tooth you can have all the technology you an muster but those tribesmen fight for a deeper spiritual cause and well fighting a street Judge would be a cake walk!

bring the tin men on :lol: only godless cowards hide behind armor and long distance weapons but my reply too any charge is simple KISS MY AXE :twisted: