Judge Dredd vs. Death


Has anyone played the game "Judge Dredd vs. Death"? It's not due for release in the US until March 2nd, but I know it's been out in the UK and Thailand for months now. I see allegedly legitimate copies on Ebay all the time from Thailand...

I played the demo, and thought it was quite fun. I'm just wondering if anyone has played the full game and if so, what they thought of it.

Oh, and if you don't know what I'm talking about, take a look:

Hi Arabin,
We got Dredd vs Death over here in the UK last September on X-Box, PC and PS2, with the Gamecube version coming out early December. The games okay but not as good as it could have been and it seriously lacks an online multiplayer option.

I have a quick review of the code on Dredd Time:

Hope this helps.
Yeah its alright, especially as I saw a development copy that was terrible...
its not a great game however, and its very short.

Also as a FPS its not as good as XIII (also a comic based FPS) or the WH40k Shooter Fire Warrior (but what is?).

Try it out first if you can
Thanks guys. I did like the demo for the PC. It wasn't fantastic, but it was ok. I play it every now and then again and try to get through the level by arresting people instead of killing them. It improves the game a lot if you try that.

I didn't really enjoy the additional games that had you killing as many perps as you can in a limited time... just didn't feel right somehow.

I think I'll pick up the game, but I might wait until the price drops a little.

I dunno Arabin you might not have a choice on waiting for a price drop on the game if you haven't found it online, they might be willing to let the game drop off the face of the planet before they let it go cheaper. Then again if you found it in a store you probably could wait a little.
Firewarrior is an excellent first person shooter, with stunning graphics that really capture the feel of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, an excellent storyline that gets the player involved and one of the best mulit-player online features available on the PS2 at the moment.

Dredd vs Death is currently on budget here in some stores in the UK, and worth a look at even if only for the cityscape itself.

I might look into getting Fire warrior. I was never really into Warhammer 40K that much, although I loved Heroquest and Advanced Heroquest. There was something about killing orcs and skaven in that game that I found appealing :)

As for Judge Dredd... it's not due for release in the US until next month. I don't want to pick up the cheap copy from Thailand as I'm sure that despite what they say, they are copies. However, I'm surprised it's on budge already in the UK. How much is it going for?

Fire Warrior is absolutely stunning... Better than return to Castle Wolfenstien and much better than Medal of Honour and Half Life....

Hopefully a sequal is planned....

The Plasma gun..... now thats one bad boy shooter.... they most certainly don't like that..... :shock:
Hmm, well I bought Fire Warrior due to the praise it received on here, and I'm not very impressed to be honest. The weapons are so weak that you fire off 6 rounds to kill each person. Instead, I picked up Aliens vs. Predator 2 and started playing that. If you are a fan of the films, I can't recommend this game enough. The atmosphere is spot on. I'll try Firewarrior again someday, but I think you have to be a fan of the material to really appreciate it... and since I am not, I don't like it much. I guess it's a bit like Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death in that the game itself really isn't that good, but if you are a fan then you will enjoy it regardless.

Yeah Fire Warrior was bland at best and got pretty mundane after playing a few levels. I haven't played Judge Dredd Vs. Judge Death yet however I will probably rent it first to see what it is like, I always find with First person shooters is that it is hit or miss with them. They are either really good or really bad.

I really wish and hope the Judge Dredd game is good but I guess I will have to rent it to see. And then give ya my impressions.
I want to pick it up on the PC, but there seems to be something strange going on. In England, the game has been on budget for months now, but with the exchange rate and shipping, buying that would cost me as much as a full price version here... or more.

The US release have been constantly delayed. The latest on EBGames is that the XBox and PS2 version will be released on May 3rd, but the PC version is no longer listed for release at all!

This is really disappointing. I want to give them my money, and I want to play the game, but at this rate I'll have no choice but to bid on one of those "Thailand Copies without the manual" that are always appearing on Ebay.

Hopefully one day it'll get launched, and preferably before I resort to the above.

Yeah that would be the most annoying thing to look forward to a game and then they don't offer it or put it on hold until the PS2,Xbox versions have been out for a while.

Then they wonder why people have to resort to other methods to attain items when they are not readily available. Man companies can be soo stupid. :p
And it's not like they have to do much work to release it in the US... I'd be happy if they stuck stickers on the back of UK cases to carry whatever legal requirements or different barcode, etc. that is needed in the US. The game is finished, I've had the demo on my PC for over 6 months... probably a lot longer than that actually.

I hope when they do release it (if they do) that they include some additional content to justify the wait.

Yeah it would be cool if they stuck and "Mcfarlane Spawn style" cartoon short on the end of the game when you win or unlock some hardcore dreddness. But alas that won't happen. :(
Unless they have re-written the game don't bother.

Bought it played it, took it back.

JD has FPS written all over it and some how they manage to screw it up. The AI is bad, the look and feel is moderate, and also it’s very short.

It still amazes about comic book conversations, be they to film or game. How can people take such great ideas and ruin them e.g. Batman, Hulk, EXLG. There are some films that have worked Spiderman, Xmen, mainly because they have stuck to the original premise. I mean for Drok's sake Hulks Dad!!

The same goes for games, I am sure they rely on the name instead of the content.
That's very true. I couldn't believe what they did to the original Dredd movie just because of 1) Small budget, and 2) Stallone needing his face on display.

Dredd has such a rich history of incredible stories, why not convert things like The Apocalypse War to the big screen? You would probably need something beforehand to bring people up to speed... and you would need to flesh it out a lot, but the things they can do with CGi these days could make it an incredible experience. Of course, that story might not be politically correct these days... but there are plenty of other epic stories to choose from.

I just wish when these people made a game or a film, they should above all else stick true to the original style and flavor. They should have some of the original writers and artists help with the games and the movies, and they should run things a little like Lucas does. Nothing should get through that doesn't fit with the world.

But that's just my opinion... and that doesn't count for much until I win the lottery and start making my own games and movies :)