Judge Dredd on Wargame Vault


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The new Judge Dredd miniatures game rulebook is now available on Wargame Vault.

You can grab a copy here;


With this book you will be able to;

* Build a fighting force unique to Mega-City One and the universe of Judge Dredd.
* Play through two different campaigns, creating leaders and watching them become the greatest heroes (or villains!) of Mega-City One.
* Customise your characters with a variety of equipment, weapons and Talents.
* Take to the streets with a variety of vehicles including bikes, Mo-Pads and Pat Wagons.
* Recruit your favourite characters from the Judge Dredd comic strip to fight alongside your force, such as the Angel Gang, Stan Lee, Chopper, Galen DeMarco, and even Judge Dredd himself!
* Bring the heaviest firepower of the Justice Department to bear, including Manta Prowl Tanks, Mechanismo Units and the Flying Squad.
* Explore the world beyond Mega-City One with Judges from around the world.