Judge Dredd NPC Statistics


In the D&D DMG, and in several other supplements, there are a number of tables detailing average NPC statistics for each class at each level. Is there anything like this for Judge Dredd RPG ?

It would be very useful to have so you could quickly look up scores for a lvl 5 juve, a lvl 1 punk or whatever, without having to spend time making them up. Do these appear in any of the Judge Dredd supplements or adventures ?

I know its lazy GM'ing but I'd rather not have to make up NPC stats step by step for every occupant of Mega City One the PC's encounter.
I don't remember seeing such a thing (but it's been a while since I played) - write to S&P asking if they'd like it as an article, do the work, and get paid for it! (You get the option of taking payment in product, too...)