Joys of International Shipping


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Hey everyone,

Just some quick info for you...

If you are waiting for Explorer's Edition, Aerospace Engineer's Handbook, Errant Lightning or the 2300AD screen, there is some good news - they are currently sitting in a port in New York.

We are currently hearing that they should finally be delivered to our warehouse towards the end of August. Which is not great, but this is the world we live in at the moment.

As soon as we get these titles in our hands, we will turn them around quickly and get them sent off to you.

Spinward Extents is also in the US and has been for the past two weeks - we are tracking this one down now and hope to have some good news for you all much sooner.


Cosmic Mongoose
It really sucks that the ports of entry are controlled by the same entities that think isolating people who are not sick is a great idea, in spite of the science to the contrary. And then pay those people more than their normal paycheck to not work