Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society - Volumes 11 & 12


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Good news for all Travellers of Charted Space - Volumes 11 & 12 of the Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society are now available, meaning you can now access all 12 volumes of this essential guide!

You can grab the new volumes along with all the others right here:]=last&options[unavailable_products]=last

Each volume is a treasure trove of information and game additions for Traveller, including adventures, new ships, alien creatures from across Charted Space, philosophical musings on the big empires, histories, different takes on familiar equipment, new vehicles, characters to be met in starports, playable alien races, and much, much more...

JTAS Volume 11 cover - Front.jpg

In Volume Eleven, you will find:
  • Adventure: Button, Button
  • Adventure: Zeno Paradise
  • Aliens: The Aezorgh
  • Bestiary: Perela
  • Bestiary: Enythba
  • Central Supply: Stateroom Excess
  • Central Supply: Musical Instruments
  • Charted Space: Shushaka
  • Charted Space: Vrayne
  • Encounters: Connte Monson
  • Encounters: Chieftain Neandor
  • High Guard: Ajilchin Prospector Ship
  • High Guard: The Sword of Oberon
  • High Guard: Starships of the Spinward Extents
  • Patrons: Trista Galibaan
  • Patrons: Del Madrin
  • Travelling: Colonising the Tijian Expanse
  • Travelling: Spacecraft as Benefits
  • Vehicle Handbook: Mighty Maus Mobile Centre
  • Vehicle Handbook: Ragno
  • Vehicle Handbook: Heavy Plant Vehicles

JTAS Volume 12 cover - Front.jpg

In Volume Twelve, you will find:
  • Adventure: The Erline Home System
  • Adventure: Adrift
  • Aliens: The Caprisaps
  • Aliens: The Hhkar
  • Bestiary: Preenyok
  • Bestiary: Aknaitr
  • Central Supply: Suits You, Sophont
  • Charted Space: Starports of the Imperium
  • Encounters: The Wolf of the Marches
  • High Guard: The Triplebrick
  • High Guard: Geonee Ships
  • High Guard: Hhkar Sublight Drive Systems
  • Patrons: Milo Van Ulrik
  • Travelling: Games for Gamblers
  • Travelling: Campaign Bloat
  • Vehicle Handbook: Airships of the Imperium
I would imagine if there is a volume 3 it will get a kickstarter first

Volume 1 (issues 1-6) - 901 backers, £64,324
Volume 2 (issues 7-12) - 1146 backers, £118,994
I noticed in both journals material from Dilettante. Showing your green credentials by recycling old material?
I noticed in both journals material from Dilettante. Showing your green credentials by recycling old material?
JTAS has always had some revised articles drawn from past material - we keep it to a minimum, but we feel some things are worth preserving and keeping 'current'.
It wasn't a criticism, just an observation and I agree that some things are worth keeping current.
JTAS 11, 'Spacecraft as Benefits' mentions an 'Asteroid Ship' a few times, apparently in High Guard. Is it?
Sadly, it was removed in the 2022 update - not sure why. It's in the older version. I remade it for the new edition, if you want to reuse it.


If you start off on a suitable world, perhaps you can assemble a starship (from off the shelf components) to your taste.

Industrial, rich, heavy traffic, and so on.