Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society - Kickstarter is Live!


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The Kickstarter for the Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society has begun and will end on April 7th!

The Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society was a magazine-format way, way back in the ‘Classic’ Traveller era of the early 80’s, a treasure trove of articles, introducing many of the concepts we take for granted in Traveller today.

We are bringing the Journal back, albeit as a set of supplements rather than a time-limited magazine. To this end, we have been trawling through the Journals of yesteryear, selecting the best articles, and revising/re-writing them for the latest edition of the game, and adding a whole Leviathan's cargo hold worth of new material. These will (initially) be compiled into three volumes which, for Kickstarter backers only, will arrive within their own deluxe slipcase.

Doing this project via Kickstarter will not only allow us to gauge your opinions and reactions as to the actual contents of the Journals and which articles should be selected for inclusion, but we can link your backing directly to the amount of content – in effect, the more popular this project becomes, the more volumes we will be able to put into the slipcase. We will be starting with three volumes and have already started compiling articles for a fourth. How many more will follow will be up to all of you!

There will truly be something for everyone in these books, from adventures that a referee can pull out at short notice when the Travellers jet off in an unexpected direction, to a wide range of new alien races that will be fully playable for those who want to try something a bit different.

Whether you are exploring your own universe or are deep within Charted Space, we are hoping that every page of these new Journals will trigger new ideas, adventures and deep space explorations at every turn!



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Fully backed.

Was curious what the likely RRP would be once it goes retail. Might sway some people and convince them to back if they know it would cost them less maybe.


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It is going to depend a lot on the exchange rate, which we think may go pear-shaped this year, but something around £20 for each volume seems about right.


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I've read only a few articles of the Free Sample so far, but I have two suggestions:

1): As a Italian native, I say "Simone Garibaldi" is basically wrong (the name, NOT the article). In Italy, "Simone" is a male name (women here use "Simona"), and "Garibaldi" is a fairly rare surname (and usually a sign the writer just picked the first Italian surname he remembered from the History classes :p ... ). Give her an exotic Vilani name instead!

2): I've MUCH appreciated the various articles about Vargr corsairs and Kforuzeng, the Traveller/Aramis Adventure was really good, and I think the new JTAS articles could correct/solve a problem with this campaign. During play, the travellers are supposed to visit the planet Lablon, sometimes, but a Subsidised Merchant CAN'T travel there! It's 3 parsecs from Jesedipere to Lablon, almost surely the ship needs to stop in Gvurrdon Sector/Firgr Subsector to refuel, and visit at least one of the four Vargr worlds linking Jesedipere to Lablon and technically part of the Towers Cluster. What about including an article describing those worlds (or the entire Firgr subsector, I'm curious to know about Oertsous and other Kforuzeng bases)?


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Do you have another stretch goal lined up yet? It looks like you will be hitting the volume four mark very soon.


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Hey Matt,

Since the kickstarter is a sticky at the top you should add the permalink to the kickstarter on this message so people can find it faster than scrolling down through the messages to find the link.


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That £100 set is a bit daft a few pencils and dice are not going to make me want to splash out another £50. You should perhaps have made it a lot more tempting like selling glossy prints of some of the better Traveller V1 cover art, or perhaps a set of full 0.5" square size 2d ship plans (not 3d) of ships that feature in the books. Maybe there could be more stretch goals?

I am almost considering chipping in for £50 as 5 softback books for £50 is getting to be fairly good value but the illiustrations are not very good and the cover art is very poor compared to the classic JTAS books and puts me off a lot. The new Traveller stuff has generally been top notch, not so sure albout the quality of these books though tbh. I am sure there will be some interesting articles in them but I've yet to hear of one that hits me as essential required reading. We will see how the Kickstarter progresses.


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Or one of us could just post the direct link to the kickstarter: