isle of dread con version for conan



now correct me if im wrong i could have sworn some one on here converted the tsrs isle of dread for conan on here just havent been able to find the link
i thought it was pretty good my self and wanted to chat with the person that did it to see how it ran
thaks guys
I saw the title and thought there was another version of the Isle of Dread that had been used at a convention. :lol:

In any case, I just ran a search and couldn't find anything about a conversion. Isle of Dread was mentioned near the end of the "shadizar box set" thread, but it was a mis-reference. One poster was discussing a different module and another thought he meant Isle of Dread.

That's the only reference I could find.

If you liked Isle of Dread, there was another old TSR module called "Isle of the Ape" that was EXTREMELY similar, basically a King Kong adaptation. I liked them both myself.

Hope that helps.
The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of running the Isle of Dread for Conan. I wonder how far I could get before my players recognized it...