IntSec and Bot Miniatures


Really looking forward to the release of these guys next months.

Can we expect a preview or Gallery appearance soon?

Considering how good the Troubleshooters look, these should be great!
Just in case anyone hasn't seen, the Bots Box is now on show and they look excellent - for use with Gangs of MC-1 as well...
The minis look fantastic. I hope they're not hit with 4 months of delay like the Troubleshooters have been so far.

On a side note, someone needs to correct the entry for Bots minis on the preview page. Part of the information from the Troubleshooters was left in, and besides being confusing its also misleading since it incorrectly lists the number of miniatures as 7.

This box contains seven highly detailed metal miniatures for the PARANOIA XP roleplaying game, depicting the Troubleshooters of Alpha Complex in a
variety of useful poses.
Hi guys,

We have hit some problems with metal production in general (too damned popular!) but we are reaching the end of the hiccups.

BTW, we'll be previewing the Int Sec guys soon, sculpted by Mr Holloway himself - I guarantee you will love these guys :)