Input on a new Conan campaign


Hey guys...

I finally got off my lazy butt and started working on a Conan campaign. The format will be more along the lines of short stories. Players will visit a locale, adventure, and then head on somewhere else. I have decided against having a metaplot developing through these stories. Our schedules don't allow for regular gaming, so it might be a month before we meet up again for our next session.

So here is adventure 1 in brief:

Players are mercenaries, on the borders between Westermarck and the Pictish Wilderness. They "protect" a small community of farmers (6-7 families) who are trying to clear out forest for arrable land. This usually involves baby-sitting the settlers while they cut down trees and clear ground. Nearest army outpost is a good 15-20 miles down the road. There are Picts close by, but contact has been scarce. No more than a face seen hurriedly though the folliage.

One fine morning a young noble and his retinue (2 men-at-arms) visit the village. The noble is a spoiled brat, the 2nd or 3rd son of a minor noble. His father sent him to the border "to become a man" and hopefully get some sense into his head. He has a letter from the army outpost commander placing him in charge of the mercenaries (that's the PCs). He will be very very annoying. After a day or two he'll decide to go hunting with 1 or 2 of the PCs and run into a Pitcish hunting party. Chances are (unless the PCs are smart) that he'll attack and kill a Pict NPC. Picts hate being killed while in anything other than war-paint. The drums will start beating and a large raiding party will be sent by the Eagle Tribe (just looked cooler visually I guess) to bring back the miscreant so that he can be burned alive. Will the characters organize the peasants and fight it out? Will they turn over the young noble (and become hunted men in Aquilonia)? Who knows? Knowing my gaming group, I am looking forward to a night of entertainment and mayhem...

So, any recommendations? Any ideas? Anything look out of whack? Thanks for the feedback.

A wonderfully Pictish adventure. Other than thinking through possible outcomes and how you'll deal with them. It's a nicely formed idea. Will your players be experienced enough to know not to kill a Pict while hunting? This would be a good opportunity to learn that lesson! Also, remember that hunting paint or no, many have the attitude in the Westermarck that the only good pict is a dead pict -- so killing them on sight may not be looked upon as a bad or foolish thing. Perhaps you should have the picts act as if they want to trade pelts or something, let your players respond in kind and THEN have the Noble attack.

Really like the hook though!