Inhabitants of the Woods: Creatures and Spirits preview


Hey all,

Decided I throw a bit of a teaser out there for what's coming up in the next Inhabitants of the Woods product. Below are some new spirits, a new type of magic item, a new common and sorcery spell, a new cult and new heroic ability. This is just a taste of what is to come! Hope you enjoy!

Plant Spirit
Durable Chestnut (Intensity 1, resistance boost, chestnut tree spirit) - INT 1, POW 25, CHA 1, CA 3, SR +2, HP 28, Spirit Damage +2d6, Persistence 100%, Spectral Roots and Branches 125%, Increases magician's Resistance by +10%.

Entangling Ivy (Intensity 3, trait addition, ivy spirit) - INT 2, POW 18, CHA 1, CA 4, SR +4, HP 20, Spirit Damage +2d4, Persistence 72%, Spectral Roots and Branches 90%, Gives the magician the ability to entangle a 3 metre wide area up to a range of half their POW.

Spirit Item
These items have their own MP, their own spells and special abilities. There are more rules for them, but I'll give a basic run down. The MP can be used to power the users own or the items spells and the special abilities are usable by the bearer at any time. The duration is how long the item stays with the bearer before the spirit who gave it reclaims it.

Warrior Sword of the Cougar
Type: Sword
Duration: POW weeks
AP/HP: 5/16
MP: 10
Spells: Bladesharp (Mag 6), Fireblade, Firearrow, Parry (Mag 6)
Skill Bonuses: Bow (+10%), Sword and Shield (+10%), Two-Handed Sword (+10%)
Special Abilities: Any time the bearer is in combat they get at least one combat maneuver to addition to any gained through skill rolls. Even if the opponent wins, the bearer still gets one combat maneuver. The item also allows the bearer to dominate and control a single cougar.

Common Spell

Wind of Fire
Instant, Magnitude 1, Progressive, Range 5
A gust of burning wind blows from the magician to the maximum range causing 1d3 points of damage be MP.

Sorcery Spell

Graft Stem
One plant can be used to give a person the abilities that the spirit of the plant can give them. The spell lasts for a number of days of the magician's POW when the stem falls off the person loses all the spirit abilities.

Spirit of the Wood (Spirit Cult
Novice – Even the novices must pass some knowledge of the forest and the spirits within. This makes many potential members strive very hard to meet the prerequisites for membership. Many fail but others do make the cut and get initiated. This is a very special time for a novice and they enter a time of servitude until they learn all they need before moving on. Novices must have Lore (Spirits) and Spirit Walking at 25%.
Follower – The follower is an accepted member of the cult and are able to access the teachings and knowledge of those around them. There is a lot to take in and the period that they spend in this rank can depend on a great many factors. Some become frustrated as all they seem to do is serve the seers and shamans but to serve is a mark of leadership that the cult tries to teach on all members. Followers must have 3 guild skills, Diplomacy and Plant Sacrifice at 25% and have Lore (Spirits) and Spirit Walking at 50%. They must also have the Heroic Ability Spirit Diplomacy.
Seer – The seer is the go to person of the cult and they are the ones most commonly seen performing rituals or teaching the new recruits the ways of the spirits. The seers are never mean or harsh but they do have high expectations of their novices and followers. These expectation can seem unattainable at times but the seer knows they are or they wouldn't be where they are. Seers must have 3 guild skills, Diplomacy and Plant Sacrifice at 50% and have Lore (Spirits) and Spirit Walking at 50%. They must also have the Heroic Ability Spirit Diplomacy.
Shaman – The shaman are the administrators of the cult often organizing meetings and performing specialized rituals that only they know. To get among this number is a great honour and they get access to some benefits that most others do not have. At this level, other types of spirits can be summoned besides plant spirits but they still must do so with caution. To be caught only calling on other spirits can get them demoted to follower rather quickly. Shamans must have 3 guild skills, Diplomacy and Plant Sacrifice at 75% and have Lore (Spirits) and Spirit Walking at 75%. They must also have the Heroic Ability Spirit Diplomacy.
High Shaman – Those is this position have almost absolute authority over those below them. Their word is never questioned and they expect to be obeyed in all things. Those below them have such a reverence for them that they would not dare to disobey. They are open as much as any other member to council or talk with them about how to proceed in life matters but prefer to let the shamans deal with such things. High shamans must have 3 guild skills, Diplomacy and Plant Sacrifice at 100% and have Lore (Spirits) and Spirit Walking at 125%. They must also have the Heroic Ability Spirit Diplomacy.

Guild Skills: Common Magic, Courtesy, Culture (any), Diplomacy, Insight, Language (any), Lore (Spirits), Persistence, Plant Sacrifice, Spirit Binding, Spirit Walking.

New Heroic Ability
Spirit Diplomacy
Prerequisites: POW 16, INT 16, Diplomacy 50%, Spirit Walking 50%
Hero Points: 12
Duration: 1 minute
This ability allows someone to use Diplomacy in place of Spirit Binding to get a spirit to enter a fetch. If the character is able to pass three Diplomacy roll each with a cumulative penalty of -10%, the spirit agrees to serve the character for a period of weeks of the characters POW. After this the spirit is released back to the spirit realm.

Hope you all enjoyed, much more to come in the actual book!


I like the "Spirit Diplomacy" ability, and your approach to these spells and abilities. The "Entangling Ivy" plant spirit is particularly good.

Despite my generally negative attitude towards gaming elves (I prefer Poul Anderson's or Terry Pratchett's), I will have to take a closer look at your publications.

In particular, my wife likes to play a D&D style druid (guardian of nature), and these spells and abilities would fit very well with her favorite type of character.

Finally, the American slang use of "Cougar" has made your "Sword of the Cougar" an exceptionally feared weapon. I think I shall have to use this in my game!


Thanks for the feedback, it's appreciated!

Like I said, this is just a taste of what is coming. There's lots of spirits, spirit items, spells, cults and heroic abilities to come.

My elves book is definitely something you should check out. Even though a good chunk of it is devoted to elves the equipment, spells and a few of the cults can easily be adapted to a setting that doesn't have fantasy races.