Information about the Koulani Directorate or the Ch'Lonas?

Captain Kirk

Hello to all B5 RPG players!

I'm playing B5 A Call to Arms and I got handfull of ships that aren't B5 ships and need to fit them to the Babylon universe.

I will use League ship stats for those ships but I need to find some new race to operate them. They are mainly fighting my EarthForce so they need to be hostile to Earth.

I have the Earth Alliance fact book for source material for my fleet and there's some mention about the Koulani Directorate and the Ch'Lonas.

Have there been any information about these races in the series? I have only the 1st and the 2nd seasons on DVD and there haven't been any info.

Thanks for all the information you can give :)
Check the RPG Galactic Guide, Page 52 and 87. I haven't spotted the entry in the EAFB, but there is some info on both races in the GG.

I've been tinkering on an astoundingly overly ambitious campaign (that I will most likely never get to run, grrr) with the Ch'lonas having a major role in the first portion.

The campaign in general is a "show the flag" mission for a lone Hyperion (yay deckplans!) which is set to travel in a loop starting from Beta 7 through Ch'Lonas space to the Torta then to the Yolu, down to the Kor-Lyans, back through Torta space, into Tikar then either on the leg toward Krich and back (if damaged or in dire need of resupply) or down round the Thrakallans to the Tokati and winding up TRYING to get through Koulani systems to Deneb. A great big ol' bunch of trade treaty and diplomatic contact scenarios spiced liberally with raiders, firefights and sneaky double dealings.
It would probably be the best campaign I've come up with yet.

Having read everything I can find on the Ch'Lonas, and in the absence of any official stats, this is what I'm currently tinkering on for generating Ch'Lonas characters (I'm a firm believer in the idea that ALL major NPC's have to be fully statted up.)

Str: +1 Dex:+1 Wis:-1 Cha:-2

All Ch'Lonas have a chitinous skin covering giving them DR:1

They can bite or claw for 1D4 damage (but are most likely to use weapons they ARE all civilized and such)

Ch'Lonas are "radiation resistant' gaining a +4 bonus to Resistance saves vs. radiation.

Ch'Lonas constantly feud with one another, with members of competing Hive Cities carrying on wars from centuries past. Any Ch'Lonas encountering a rival must make a Will Save to resist attacking. This save is at -2 when Ch'Lonas rivals are fighting together against a common foe (the temptation to kill an enemy and then explain it away as "casualty of war" is just too tempting for them to resist).

Members of the Supreme Authority and their staff, security, and higher ranking military are immune from this tendency. They were selected for high office partly because they are free of deadly rivalries, thus making compliance to their rulings more likely.

The favored Class of Ch'Lonas is "Soldier".

Physically, Ch'Lonas "bugmen" resemble humanoid hunting wasps. They are lean and fast and surprisingly strong for their slight builds. Clothing tends to consist of loose robes of woven silk, or bulbous balls of organic paper, often shellacked for additional strength.
Clothing tends to be either very bland in color, mostly whites, grays and browns, or extremely garish with bright irridescent swathes of color.
The more elaborate and visually "provocative" the clothing, the higher the social status of the wearer.

Ch'Lonas are almost exclusively carnivorous, feasting on a variety of pseudo-insectoid lifeforms (with endoskeletons as well as outer chitin sheathes). They are happily cannibalistic and many wonder, often aloud, what the flesh of "space mammals" might taste like. (Those who have tried it are practically addicted to the flavor. Be forewarned when Ch'Lonas invite you "to dinner"!)
They have a dish surprisingly like "Swedish meatballs"--made from grubs fried in grease.

A Ch'Lonas dinner party is likely to be a violent and raucous affair, as it is common practice among the Ch'Lonas to fight for the best food and take choice bits away from others too weak to hold onto them. Imagine trying to snack in the middle of a rowdy bar fight with ear-bashing Buzz-jazz blaring over the intercoms.

Everything about Ch'Lonas arts is confrontational. They like things garish and loud, with lurid covers competing for space on shelves. Musical genres tend to be very loud and very dissonant. "Buzz-jazz"--a largely freeform style of improvised skirling progressions is about as calm as it gets. The rest is closer to the harshest "Speed Metal" available with Industrial noise thrown in at full volume.

Ch'Lonas intoxicants include some fairly mild honey-wines as well as a bitter gray fungus grog. Distilled drinks are more like liquors and tend to be fruit-flavored. For a loud, contentious, violent species, the Ch'Lonas like their beverages surprisingly mild and tastey. Honey-wines and Distilled Nectars are probably the most promising items they have to offer in trade. 'Course, they're likely to ask for the bodies of executed criminals in exchange...

That's about what I've sketched out. I'd love to see what others think and maybe get suggestions for other details. Heck, I've got plenty of time to polish them up before they're likely to see use in actual play!
Well i did find this:

Doesnt mention much about the race itself which the Galactic Guide mentions but thought it had some nice information on them. At least in terms of history.

Also SheliakBob that looks quite good. Not sure if its mentioned in the book but I was also always under the impression that they had a high birth rate considering how many wars they get into and all.
Yep. The Galactic Guide mentions the Ch'Lonas resistance to radiation and high birthrate as reasons why the galaxy is lucky they haven't broken out of their corner of space...yet.

My take on Ch'Lonas reproduction is based on hunting wasps. Individual couples mate for life. (There are no "queens" in the Ch'Lonas hive cities.) Females are slightly larger and somewhat more aggressive than males. After copulation, the female lays eggs inside a paralyzed but still living host animal. Shortly thereafter the egg or eggs hatch and the larvae devours the First Prey under the watchful eyes of both parents. Upon emerging from the carcass, the larvae resembles an adult Ch'Lonas, only without the hard outer shell and with milky white, soft flesh.
Young Ch'Lonas are ravenously hungry and feeding them is a full time job. Both parents care for the young and are surprisingly gentle, nurturing parents. Later in life a Ch'Lonas adult will still become maudlin and sentimental about memories of 'larvae-hood".

It takes roughly a year for the larvae to reach adulthood. As young adults, they leave their birth home and enter the Ch'Lonas educational system. The parents almost immediately lose interest in their offspring, who are now completely on their own, and generally start making plans for the next batch.
Ch'Lonas can produce a fully trained adult Soldier in a little less than three years.
The Ch'Lonas female lays at least one egg but may lay up to 1+Constitution modifier number of eggs in one mating. For each egg after the first, a Fortitude save is attempted, DC: 15 + the number of previous eggs laid. Once the save has failed, no further eggs are produced by that mating.

(I wanted to play on the contrast between the Ch'Lonas as fierce, combative warriors and tender parents, with a strong sentimental streak that would seem oddly out of place with their adult character. Just to keep the PC's from seeing the species as merely "Bugmen" Raiders.)

Another aspect of the Ch'Lonas is their hostility toward weakness. Standard contact protocols call for them to attempt to Intimidate the opposing side. If the opponent shows no fear and seems willing to initiate combat, the Ch'Lonas will suddenly back off. The least attempt to avoid conflict is an invitation for them to attack.
In practice this leads to a squad of fighters immediately swarming at any ship that enters through the jumpgate. If that ship targets the fighters and is obviously ready for battle, the fighters will veer off and let their superiors determine what to do about the intruder vessel. If the intruder attempts to negotiate or sends "We are Peaceful!" messages, the fighters attack.
Subsequent responses depend on how the battle with the fighters turned out. Other vessels may also make aggressive challenges, but generally, the Ch'Lonas don't view one vessel as enough of a threat to respond with their full fleet.

One of the things I haven't fully fleshed out yet is the exact appearance of the Ch'Lonas. I've got two basic ideas, both working from the description in the Galactic Guide as "Bugmen".

Choice A) The CGI'ed version. These Ch'Lonas would have four limbs, but they would be very long and spindly with unusual degrees of rotation. The bodies would be superficially "humanoid" but much more obviously "wasp-like". They would move in a rapid skittering style. Their internal skeletons would be closer to cartilage than bone and quite flexible. (The model I keep coming up with in my head would be rather like the humanoid Yellowjacket paramour that's with Hypnos in the movie "Monkeybone". Obscure? Sure, but that's what's stuck in my head.)

Choice B) The Man in a Suit option. Casting would call for very tall, very thin actors (I'm thinking basketball players on the skinny side.) Eyes would be very large and half-wrapped around the sides of the head with antennae, but the mouth would be disturbingly humanoid, even capable of observable emotional expression, with nasty needle-teeth.
Hands would end in long extensions with very long, clawed digits (prosthetics in the "show"). Body covering would be shiny, chitinous, but otherwise they would look very humanoid.

As a player, which would seem more plausible and more in line with the style of the show? Which would be "creepier"? Got another image I could use instead?
I would perhaps say that the first one would be somewhat like B5 since the show tried to make each alien race encountered being very...alien and different looking from a human being. So the idea of four legged insectoid creatures would fit that view I think.