Index, Comprehensive, Electronic that can be updated by play

El Cid

The title says it all.

Where? OH! Where do I find "X"?

I'd like to see it in Excel or a format that could be imported into Excel.

Has anyone done this?

Is anyone working on it for their own personnel use?

Does Mongoose have one? I would hope so if only for the writers and editors as they work on new books.

Sidney index of what?

I have built seperate tables within excel for the ships, equipment, and soon to build one on the vehicles.

I am also planning on building one for the basic character stuff like all of the feats.

Also trying to develop one for NPCs and characters that is succinct and easily updateable.

Key terms like: Omega, Technomage, PPG, etc.

We have many books and to try to find where something is located is very difficult.