impressions after first session


Hi, on this week-end i´ve run my first whit this edition, and im say thats runs great.

It´s a long time ago i´ve runed mu last session with the old rules, so i dont remember well, but i must say that this rules has a lot old flavor, i dont understand the whining of other poeple about the errors on the combat matrix of dodge and parying, i must say runs very well. And other thing i must say is that it´s possible run a game session with only the corebook, so dont wait till the companion run it now.

Really this rules got me into rq again, an di dont think i´ll run a d20 session ever again.Forgivme my bad english.

Saludos desde argentina. Sebastian.
Your english is fine, Señior. no apologies needed!

I'm holding off for the moment not because it's "unrunnable" but because I want the companion rules for downtime and the additional backgrounds. And because, at the moment, I'm running D&D so my daughter can play. (Numbers over 30 are still a bit past her comfort level for addition... She's 7...)

I mean, sure, they call a block a parry, but I CAN houserule that.