Important Notice to people already owning Scrolls of Skelos


Hyena said:
I hate you.

Back from the Friggin'useless Local Gaming Store Hyena.
Since I have my copy, and only had to pay cost for it. I will wear your hate as a badge of honour. :twisted:



Let's see...

I shall savor your hate as I read the new spells such as "Doom of the Doll" and "Invocation of Xuthalla" and all of the spells in the "Immortality" category. (and Alchemy)

I shall giggle at your pain as I read the new Feats, such as "Titanic Blow", "Salome" and "Craft (Major Magic Item)".

I shall laugh aloud at your misery as I read the background material for the magic items, such as The Book of Skelos, the Burning Skull of Xucthol and the Heart of Ahriman.

And we haven't even gotten to the Creatures of Sorcery section, with the Gelid Abomination, Lord of the Black Circle and the Shambling Boar Thing.

So, I'm going to go read the section on Magical Societies and Arcane Religions, and I may even glance through the section on NPC's. Tsotha-Lanti sounded pretty cool, as did the section on mummies.

So, nyyyahh......



That Darth is an evil fellow, isn't he?

I called the three FLGS in my area week after week and one of them managed to get it in stock on 3/31, while the other two were left wanting.

I wonder why these things happen? Bad distributors?

That said, call around. Just because one game store is Skellos-deprived doesn't mean the rest suffer from a similar handicap.

Oh yes...I simply must gloat a bit...





Yep, just got my copy Friday after work. I also got Green Ronin's "Medeival Player's Guide", which is awesome! The only reason I didn't pick up the Exalted "Player's Guide" too was that I have law school finals in two weeks! So all weekend I've been tortured by my purchases that I don't have time to look at.
Which is worse; to have them and not be able to look at them, or to not have them, and have the time to read them?


Hyena said:
I hate you.

Back from the Friggin'useless Local Gaming Store Hyena.

And since I don't have it either I still love you Hyena. :lol:

I checked with my local store yesterday (yes they do have it opened on sundays as well) and they promised to have it within 2 weeks.



I'm with Hyena and GhostWolf. Went to my useless FLGS and mentioned the Conan RPG. The response I got:

"What Conan RPG? Are sure there's a Conan RPG?"


"Hmmm. If you want I can try to special order it for you. Why don't you just play Conan using the D&D rules - it's the same thing, right?


So I went home and ordered SoS from Amazon. I refuse to give this dimbulb my money on principle.


Mine should be in my mailbox tomorrow moring. As of then I'll be in the having, and no longer in the wanting...

:) SS