Imperial Census: Birthworld


Cosmic Mongoose
Everybody comes from somewhere...
Where is your favorite place to be from?
Tell me the trade codes of your favorite Birthworld in this gaming survey.
I value community input, so thanks in advance!

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Cosmic Mongoose
Odd, didn't accept my vote.

I went for Garden and Rich. A world that's has been purposely preserved integrating advanced technology with a natural world, the best of both. Something like Aldebaran. You get your local resources from intrasysten comets and asteroids. Manufacturing is orbital. Fusion power reduces pollution. Population in the hundreds of millions and well managed by consent of the inhabitants supplements by automation workforces. Either a feudal government focusing on maintaining their home or or balkanized allowing smaller governing bodies to cater on the needs of local population centers while integrating as a world network for the overall good, states and federal control.

Might produce a great crop of scientists, engineers and diplomats.