Idea for a new supplement: Science and Engineering


Recently I had an idea for a traveller supplement which was has been afaik never released. The topic is science and engineering. We have alien modules, equipment catalogues, space ship manuals and alot of other stuff, which is released in each new edition. But there was never a supplement which is solely dedicated to research, engineering and science. Which subtopics could such a supplement comprise?

-what means science to the 3rd imperium (or other star empires in proximity to the imperium)?
-History of science in the 3rd imperium including the most famous scientists in history and present.
-what is the current state of science in the different cathegories like eg. mathematics, astronomy, physics or psychology in this part of the universe. (average science which is teached in universities and top science)
-most important and popular scientific theories in the 3rd imperium? (including a list of easy to remember principles for characters, when they want to discuss ingame about these theories)
-famous universities and research labs in the 3rd imperium and other species.
-galaxy of wonders: -10 most strange places in the galaxy which have a scientific value and research bases located at them
-black science - science which is forbidden and amoral but could be a source for adventuring, maybe there are "evil" organizations/companies which make a living of forbidden science
-Deep space exploration and colonization - How to explore the galaxy and/or to colonize a planet? (dangers, work on a newly colonized planet including a couple of adventuring ideas)
-engineering: a smaller subtopic could be a couple of articles about spaceship technology and engineering principles and the differences between the engineering philosophy of the different species. (with special view to eg equipment, jump drive, ship hulls, transportation networks, computers etc.)
-List and names of scientific/engineering tools and devices of the 3rd imperium and how to use them
-Strange and/or useful Alien tech - (like the hiver adaptable ultra-screwdriver :))
-ideas for science adventures

This supplement could be a valuable source for all characters which have some skill level in science, but of course especially if you want to play an academic or scout. I am sure its difficult to produce because its not just another equipment guide or alien module but OTOH it should be very useful for all travellers which are operating in a scientific environment.


Cosmic Mongoose
All interesting ideas. Some things are trickling out via the supplements that MGT is releasing via Kickstarter. However for the most part the amount of net NEW material has been relatively low for the Traveller line. So more than likely what you would see would be individual articles published on this rather than an entire supplement devoted to it.

Of course one of the great things about Traveller is that some of the best work has been done by people outside of the gaming companies (Keith's, DGP, MJD, etc). Plus you have the option of self-publishing some ideas or contributing to one of the 'zines our there dedicated to Traveller like Freelance Traveller. Go forth and create!


Emperor Mongoose
I like the idea but there is one critical problem.

We have no idea how gravitics work, we have no idea how damper technology works, we have no idea how waste heat magically disappears, we have no idea how meson technology works etc. We know their in game effects, but the science and engineering is pure handwavium, and my handwavium is going to be very different to published handwavium unless I write it, thus such a supplement would be a curiosity.

T5 already makes a stab at trying to fill in some of the details, but there is a lot of handwavium and unobtanium still required to define the science and technology.

But I do like the idea, and I would buy it.


Yep. there is of course alot of unobtainium in such a supplement. Its unavoidable in a scifi setting. :) I think it does not matter if we in 2019 dont know how exactly a meson gun works. Scifi good authors always found ways to describe some inherent plausible details how the techs of their stories are connected, grounded in reality or not.
The reason why I suggest such a supplement is because it does not exist yet in all the years traveller is published and it could be handy for those who want to play a scientific game.


Cosmic Mongoose
enpeze2 said:
Which subtopics could such a supplement comprise?
I would love it!

Another topic:
The scientific frontier: What scientists don't really know yet, what they are actually researching and debating.