I made a good Steampunk Character Sheet



In lue of the official character sheet for OGL Steampunk I have made my own. The format has been tested on several other OGL/d20 systems and has had very good reviews. It's a two page sheet (1 page if printed front and back) with I believe everything essential on it.

I don't have a personal web page to upload it to so if someone from Mongoose or Kiln (or other interested party) could please given me an email address to send the PDF to to get your feedback on it I'd appreciate that. If you like it you can post it wherever you like, I only ask that I remain credited with the design.
If you send a pdf over to info(at)kilnpublications(dot)com I would be very happy to look at it.....
sorry for the way the e-mail is written above, I just don't want to get hammered with spam from spambots....
Kiln Publications will be uploading it to our site in the very near future so that all may enjoy it for a free download.... Always good to have several different types of sheets for use.


Has anyone cheked out the sheet, btw? I would love some feedback if you have. Is it good, is it missing things? I'm always looking to improve the design when I can.



Hi Paradave

I have recently done some character sheet design for Mongoose, namely the Starship Troopers and Infernum sheets which will be appearing soon in the back of the afore-mentioned books. So I have ome experience in character sheet design.

I liked your Seampunk Character sheet very much. If I had one suggestions it would be to swap the skill and attribute section, so the name of the skill is the first on the left, followed by the attribute/rank/abi, etc. Only a minor gripe because thats the way I prefer it. Although changing the position from the standard, as you have done, is interesting and inovative. I like the fact that you have gotten the whole thing onto only 2 sheets. That is something Mongoose prefer to have, so they can fit more content into the rest of the book.

I like the defense hexagon design, and I may well steal it for future Mongoose character sheets, if you don't mind :>) (Let me know)

Nice one!



Thanks for the good review! I think the reason the skills listings are reversed is because I'm left handed, lol. For the hexagon I'm trempted to say that's my personal touch and I want to keep it, but outside of my gaming groups who's going to benefit if I do that so use it all you like, any designer loves to see his work displayed and it's not like character sheet design is the pinnacle of the artistic community

Also, since I do character sheet designs for every system I play (I should have a web page up soon with designs for several systems), if Mongoose ever needs another hand helping out I'd be happy to lend it, it's only a few hours of work usually.

Thanks again

I could pretty much cut and paste what Samvail1 said. Except the whole designing character sheets. I just write on them. Very nice sheet! My players and I will definitely be putting it to use.


Thanks again!

This is a question for the moderators here. Would it be against your rules for me to post a link to my url with the character sheets I've done when I get it running?