I live, I love, I slay and I am content...

Mab_Ruadh is not used to accomodating capricious demands unless they are her own. But since you have been such a good source of gold and a worthwhile companion, Mab will humor you. This time.

:) :) What fun! Can't wait until tonight!!!
after having to kill all of my fellow rowers, after having my arm nearly ripped off by an aligator, after pinning the straw lion after leaping off of the horse in the sandstorm, I find my self laying down on my back on the beach, drink in hand, looking at the stars that the new captain of our ship has shown me for direction. I can think only of my homeland its rolling grasslands, lucious jungles, and windswept deserts. My family what has happened to my family.
i found a neat site http://hyboria.xoth.net/races/human_hyrkanian.htm. also I found a graphic novel called the monster of the monoliths and other stories cronicals of conan 3 that includes erlik and hyrkania but it is for sale on a web site.(book info.com)also there is conan the maraudur at buy.com. that includes hyrkanian info.this is not a graphic novel and is not written by howard it is written by robert jordan or john maddox i cant tell who maybe both . the isbn # is 0812531493 and it is published by tor books for $4.50. I also found a conan time line and that seems to be the only book. Loving life and living it!